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Audience Amplifier Santa Rosa

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Find you next Audience amplifier right here in Santa Rosa at Lavish Automation. Audience is a deeply respected American brand, producing high-performance audio components with superior product design. They’re a company that pushes the envelope of innovation, always striving to outdo themselves and give their customers the best possible audio equipment. Audience speakers are known for their excellent performance, which is why we love working with them in our stereo builds. It’s difficult, nigh impossible, to convey the excellence of Audience Audio, which is why we always prefer to invite our customers to come into the showroom and hear the difference for themselves.

Amplifiers work by taking low-level audio signals and literally amplifying them so that the signal is powerful enough to be sent through speakers or headphones. They’re frequently used in home audio systems so listeners can enjoy everything from the radio to films in the comfort of their own home. The quality of your amplifier makes all the difference in the world when it comes to sound quality, and that’s why we often choose an Audience amplifier to showcase in our Santa Rosa showroom. When you come visit us, we’ll be happy to take you into our demo room in the back so we can mix and match the components you’re most interested in and show you exactly what you’ll be able to expect in your own home. Audience speakers are a particular favorite of ours for their quality of sound, bringing a level of emotion and realism to the music you’re listening to that can’t be recreated with lesser quality speakers. They specialize in equipment that works as a “one-way” design that doesn’t rely on traditional sound system components to produce superior sound. It allows you to create a streamlined system that still delivers excellent sound quality.

Lavish Automation is a local reseller of Audience equipment and you can find your next Audience amplifier, speaker and even Audience cables right here in our Santa Rosa showroom. Reach out to a member of our team at 707-595-2020 to set up an appointment today.

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