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4 Ways to Enhance Your Security With Smart Lighting

Get All Your Technology Working Together to Protect Your Home

4 Ways to Enhance Your Security With Smart Lighting

Efficient control of the lights in your Sonoma, CA home is about more than convenience and aesthetics. A lighting control system can also work in conjunction with your security to make your home safer. By making sure that your home is properly illuminated at all times, you can eliminate possible safety hazards and deter intruders. In this blog we show you can control your lights through motion sensors, scheduled scenes and automated triggers to make your property safer.

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Protect Your Periphery

In larger properties, it can be difficult to maintain control over the outer peripheries of your home. In this case, you can take advantage of a smart security system that incorporates your lighting control. Install motion sensors on the outer edges of your driveway or backyard. When the sensors are set off at an unexpected hour, your lights immediately turn on and your surveillance cameras begin recording. This way you can get clear footage of who entered your property. The lights can also serve to deter intruders by making it clear that they’ve been spotted.

Simulate Activity While Away

In the winemaking region of California, where there are often a lot of vacation homes, robbers are likely to scope out properties that look like they’re uninhabited. While you should have a strong security system in place precisely for that reason, a smart lighting system can help reduce the risk to begin with. A ‘mockupancy’ scene makes it seem like someone is in the home by turning lights on and off at random intervals. If part of a home automation system, you can also have shades or TVs turning on and off within the scene.

Guide the Way Home

With Sonoma having some of the lowest crime rates in California, often your family faces risks that are a lot less sinister in the form of tripping hazards. Make sure the pathways between your driveway, backyard, and home are always safely lit to avoid any risky falls caused by fallen branches or puddles. You can install motion sensors on all major walkways so they light up as you walk by. Add some sensors on your driveway to ensure you don’t hit anything as you pull in.

Respond Quickly to Emergencies

You can also make sure that lights turn on whenever an alarm goes off in your home. Not only is this extremely useful in homes where residents are deaf or hard of hearing, but it can also make it easier for families to evacuate in case of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. You can choose to have all lights turn on or simply those leading to the front door.

Smart lighting control can make your home safe, beautiful and efficient. With a custom solution from Lavish Automation you get a system specifically designed to meet your family’s needs.

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