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All the Best Reasons to Play Your Music on a Real Hi-Fi at Home

Once you have clean sound in your life, you’ll never go back to low-fi.

All the Best Reasons to Play Your Music on a Real Hi-Fi at Home

Craig says, "Get Hi-Fi audio in your Sonoma, California home these holidays because..."

  • Buying great sound is the same as switching from processed food to organic.
  • You get much more pleasure, and it's much better for you.
  • Real musical beauty will come into your life.
  • Obtain deep relaxation and stress relief without a prescription.
  • Gain proven wellness benefits including lower blood pressure.
  • Your children deserve to hear great sound and get the most from music.
  • Your home is the best place to enjoy music and hi-fi.
  • Listen & share music with family and friends; that's why we need speakers.
  • The High-Resolution era is here; hear and feel your music as never before.

"Music is food for the soul;" everyone understands this truism. However, our god-given ears are very sensitive to distortion. Babies who have never heard reproduced sound often cry in the presence of distorted, low-fidelity sound, and today's compressed MP-3 files have new, unpleasant distortions that cause ear fatigue.

This is why folks say "We love music, but we don't listen like we used to." Low quality digital audio has caused folks to back off from an experience they treasure.

When folks come into Lavish Hi-Fi, the sound reminds them of the rewards they used to get, and inspires a system upgrade, which often starts with a nice turntable or proper disc player, because you can't get better sound than your source piece makes. Then it will make sense to get new loudspeakers and electronics; your music is back!

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