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How to Build a Luxury Home Theater System

Invest in a Custom Solution for an Unforgettable Movie-Watching Experience

How to Build a Luxury Home Theater System

Ever get tired of dealing with long lines, inconvenient showing times and dirty theaters when you go to the movies? What if you could just have the theater experience in your Petaluma, CA home? A movie-watching experience that’s specifically catered to you. Showings start at your choosing and the thermostat is always set at the right temperature. Lavish Automation can make it happen with a custom home theater system. In this blog, we show you the steps we take to differentiate our systems from the cookie-cutter varieties you can find at retail stores.

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  1. Take Into Account Your Room’s Dimensions
    Generally, all our home theater installations begin with a thorough consultation or walk-through where we learn everything we can about your space. How wide and long your room is will affect the type of technology you should use. We need to take into account how big your screen can be, the amount of light that will enter the room, and the type of seating you want to have.
  2. Finding the Best Equipment for the Room
    After we’ve considered your room dimensions, we can recommend the best audio and video equipment for your home theater. Need to get a high-quality surround sound system that won’t interfere with your luxury décor? You can use hidden in-wall or in-ceiling speakers from Sonance. Depending on the amount of light in the room, we figure out which color screen you should be using or if it might be best to go with a 4K TV instead.
  3. Invest in High-Quality Content for Your Theater
    Getting the best equipment in the industry won’t do much good if you have nothing to watch. We link your theater to all your source components including Blu-rays, media players and even streaming services. Don’t worry about having to leave the house to watch the latest releases. Subscribe to Prima Cinema to watch movies while they’re out in theaters, so there’s no reason to leave the comfort of your home.
  4. Enhance Your Theater With Smart Control
    In a luxury home theater, you can manage all the technology to create the perfect movie-watching environment. With a control solution from Savant Systems, not only can you choose the movie you want to watch and adjust the volume, you can also control lights, temperature and more. For example, you can create a "Movie" scene that dims the lights, opens the motorized shades in front of your screen, and pulls up your media library.

Don’t settle for a generic approach when installing a private theater in your luxury home. Let Lavish Automation create a custom solution designed specifically with you in mind.

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