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What Is the Best Way to Control Your Smart Shades?

Motorized Shades Offer Options for Any Lifestyle

What Is the Best Way to Control Your Smart Shades?

No two families are the same. They have different needs, styles, priorities, and personalities. As families invest in technology for their Petaluma, CA homes, they need to look for smart solutions that can be customized to match those unique qualities. Nowhere is that clearer than in the selection of motorized shades. Designing a personalized system is simple with various style, fabric, and control options. In this blog, we highlight some of the most popular smart shading control options and their common uses.

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Handheld Devices

The primary way to control motorized shades is through a variety of handheld devices. In one-room installations, you can have remotes that let you raise or lower shades or pull up your favorite setting. For whole-home or multi-room systems, control is available on a dedicated touchpad or the smart device of your choice. From one user interface, you can manage the shades throughout your home.

  • Common Application: As you sit down to watch a movie, pull up your smartphone to close the shades in the media room and neighboring kitchen to reduce the glare on the screen.

Scheduled Scenes

Motorized shades also offer a variety of hands-off control options. Through the user interface on your tablet or smartphone, you can program shades to open and close at certain hours. This can be used to optimize the amount of natural light you have in your home or to make sure all shades are closed when you go to sleep at night.

  • Common Application: Going on vacation for the holidays? Deter intruders with a ‘vacation' scene that opens and closes shades at set intervals while you're away to make it seem like you’re home. 

Smart Sensors

Sensors offer another form of hands-off control. Photo sensors are a great tool for making your home energy efficient. They can direct shades to close when they’re being hit directly by sunlight, reducing the amount of heat that enters your home. Motion sensors can enhance your privacy by closing shades when you enter certain rooms.

  • Common Application: Photo sensors are popular in rooms with large floor-to-ceiling windows that are not only difficult to manage manually, but can also heat up your home substantially when letting in the California sun.

Voice Control 

Need to make adjustments to the shades or blinds while your hands are busy? You can also use voice commands to manage shades. Use one-off commands for individual shades or call up specific scenes that control multiple ones simultaneously.

  • Common Application: Your hands are busy preparing dinner as the sun begins to set, deciding to take residence right in front of your kitchen window. Eliminate the glare without having to interrupt your cooking by saying, "Close kitchen shades."

Which control options do you think make the most sense for your family? Lavish Automation can help you install a custom solution designed with your family’s needs and preferences in mind.

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