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Elevate Your Home Theater Experience with Lavish Automation's CinemaTech Design Services

Transforming Ordinary Spaces into Cinematic Paradises

Elevate Your Home Theater Experience with Lavish Automation's CinemaTech Design Services

We are thrilled to introduce our partnership with CinemaTech, offering cutting-edge design services aimed to enhance your home theater experiences like never before! We have been working with CinemaTech since 2018.

What is CinemaTech?

CinemaTech is renowned for its expertise in designing and installing luxurious home theaters. They specialize in high-end seating, acoustical treatments, and sophisticated designs that can make any home theater truly extraordinary. Lavish Automation is proud to be a preferred partner, incorporating CinemaTech's exemplary design into our automation solutions for a seamless and engaging audio-visual experience.

Why Choose Lavish Automation for CinemaTech Design Services?

As many of you know, Lavish Automation has always been dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art smart home technology. Our collaboration with CinemaTech allows us to offer a full spectrum of design services, transforming your space from a simple viewing room into a cinematic work of art.

  1. Personalized Design Consultations: Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision, needs, and preferences. Meetings can be held at our design center in Healdsburg or our showroom in Santa Rosa to discuss your dream home theater.

  2. Customized Seating Solutions: Say goodbye to regular couches and recliners. CinemaTech offers luxurious, ergonomically designed seating that can be customized to fit your space and style.

  3. Optimal Acoustics: Our design services don’t just stop at aesthetics; we aim for functional brilliance. With CinemaTech’s acoustic panels and treatments, your home theater will deliver crystal clear sound for an immersive experience.

  4. Integrated Automation: With Lavish Automation's expertise, you can control your home theater's lighting, temperature, and even curtains, all at the touch of a button.

  5. Local Expertise: Being based in Healdsburg and servicing Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties, we understand the local architecture and design sensibilities, which gives us an edge in creating a home theater that feels both luxurious and homely.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’re looking to build a new home theater or upgrade your existing space, our CinemaTech design services offer the perfect blend of luxury, technology, and comfort. Come visit us at our design center in Healdsburg or our showroom in Santa Rosa to explore the myriad of possibilities that await your home theater.

Interested clients can also reach us via our website,, or give us a call to schedule a personal consultation.

Elevate your cinematic experience with Lavish Automation and CinemaTech. Let's create something extraordinary, together!

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Leon Tonecase conceals Sonos Smart Speakers

Custom hardwood cabinets for Sonos

“Tonecase hardwood cabinets add classic style to your Sonos speakers—letting you express more of your personal taste.”—Noah Kaplan, President/Founder Leon Speakers

  • Available in Walnut, Light Oak, Grain Black, or Grain White
  • Includes hand-stretched, acoustically transparent fabric grille
  • Articulating wall mount bracket available
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Standard sizes for Sonos Five, One, Play 5, and Play 1.

Leon has custom solutions for Sonos Arc and Playbar to match your television to your home interior.  Their hardwood cases are the perfect solution for architectural and interior design home masterpieces but allowing the integration and ease of use of Sonos audio products.tc5s oak front


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Sonos Pro

Simplify playing licensed music in your business

Legally playing a song in your business requires purchasing the appropriate copyright and reproduction licenses from the controlling performing rights organization (PRO). Different PROs, such as Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) and American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), control rights to different catalogs of songs.

Sonos Pro makes it simple and seamless.  Sono Pro comes with its own integrated commercial streaming service called Sonos Backgrounds. You can also connect to other commercial streaming services from popular providers. Sonos Pro lets you manage your system even when you are off-site with easy controlled online dashboard.

Lavish can design a sound system for your restaurant or store or can subscripe your existing system to Sonos Pro.  Your business will sound great and can play licensed music with no headaches.

Call Lavish at 707-433-9199 to learn more!


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GamuT and Lavish - Music Event

Join Us on Sept 30th or Oct 1st from 4-8 pm

Listen to Music with the GamuT and Lavish HiFi.

Join us for a special listening event featuring the premiere of GamuT’s new flagship speaker, the Zodiac, and guest appearances from GamuT’s chief designer Benno Baun Meldgaard and U.S. president Michael Vamos.

Join us at 1044 4th Street in Santa Rosa on Friday, September 30th 4-8 pm and Saturday, October 1st 4-8 pm.




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