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ELAC Speaker Santa Rosa

ELAC Speaker Santa Rosa

Hear an ELAC speaker in action right now at Lavish Automation’s Santa Rosa showroom. In our multiple decades in the business of sound system and home theater design and implementation, we’ve made it a point to offer our customers the very best sound equipment the industry has to offer. ELAC certainly makes the cut. They offer sophisticated, powerful designs that offer superior quality sound. In our catalog and for purchase in our store, you’ll find ELAC B5, ELAC UF5, and much more.

What truly sets ELAC apart?

They understand the life of sound, from its origins as waves and signals to the output that pleases the human ear. Every product is created with an exceptional amount of care and designed to help you get the most out of your music, whether you listen to digital files, CDs, vinyl, or something else entirely. You can find ELAC speakers used in both audio systems and home theaters in our Santa Rosa showroom. Here are two of our favorite products, highlighted below.


ELAC Debut B5

The ELAC B5 is a bookshelf speaker, or compact loudspeaker, that’s best used for home audio. The size-to-performance ratio on this speaker is out of this world, illustrating a new standard in how we listen to and appreciate sound. It’s a fantastic value, offering superior quality at an affordable price. It’s award-winning design rivals that of speakers that cost far more and it’s well worth your time to give it a listen.


When it comes to the ELAC UF5, you’re getting a fantastic floorstanding speaker that truly delivers. It’s a “tower of power,” as they like to say, and offers advanced technology to create a midrange and high-frequency transducer that supports its 3-way bass-reflex design. At this price point, you won’t found sound quality like this anymore else. Don’t compromise – add this one into your custom design.

At Lavish Automation, we’re happy to show you any of the equipment you want to see in action and we’ll help you set up a custom system that will blow you away. Talk to us about hearing an ELAC speaker alongside other equipment – or an entirely ELAC system – in our demo room at the Santa Rosa store. Call 707-595-2020 to make an appointment with us today!

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