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acurus santa rosa

The American brand Acurus delivers world-renowned high performance audio solutions. The superior engineering in Acurus' brand of immersive processors, preamplifiers, and amplifiers is characterized by professional-grade performance, authenticity of reproduction, elegant aesthetics, rock-solid design and construction, simple and intuitive operation, and are US-made. 

The foundation of the Acurus brand is a devotion to unique audio designs built over 30 years. Acurus' proprietary manufacturing technologies create a powerful framework for this foundation, one that easily supports its across-the-board 5-year warranty. Having won multiple global awards and reviewer accolades Acurus has achieved an ideal intersection of price and performance in modern audio products -- representing the pinnacle of contemporary audio.

Movie aficionados, concert buffs and casual viewers can enjoy the full experience of Acurus at our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa. Our team of experts would be happy to answer any questions you have or make recommendations that will fit your needs, taste, and budget.