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Outdoor and Landscape Lighting for Sonoma County, CA Homes

When the sun sets, make your home come alive. Discover our outdoor landscape lighting design and smart control in Sonoma County, CA.

Why Should I Upgrade My Exterior Lighting?

If you’re proud of your home, why not let it shine for all to see? Our outdoor lighting installations accentuate your home’s best architectural features, so you’ll feel utmost pride every time you return home after dark. 

Beyond appearances, our landscape lighting designs brighten your living spaces so you’ll feel safe and comfortable spending more time outdoors. Explore our landscape lighting solutions to elevate your house’s exterior, landscaping, gardens, and more.

Aesthetics & Ambiance

Aesthetics & Ambiance

Our expert technicians strategically install landscape lighting fixtures to cultivate a beautiful ambiance. See your home in its best light with our professional services.

Highlighting Architectural Fixtures

Highlight exterior details like dormers, awnings, balconies, columns, and other notable features.

Enhancing the Atmosphere of Outdoor Areas

Light up your patio, pool, and backyard to expand outdoor living spaces where you can make lasting memories beneath the stars.

Elevate Your Property’s Charm

Make an investment in your home’s value by boosting its curb appeal.

Intuitive Controls

Control landscape lighting in whatever method feels most convenient, whether that’s your smartphone, tablet, wall keypad, remote, or voice command.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Improve visibility around your home’s perimeter with a carefully designed landscape lighting system.
Deter Intruders

A well-lit yard and driveway discourages trespassers from entering your property and can be programmed to activate once the sun sets.

Improved Surveillance

By integrating landscape lighting into your smart home system, you’ll sync lights with surveillance cameras to see more clearly in footage.

Clear Visibility

Brighten walkways and stairs with path lights for a safer journey around your property.

Looks Like Someone’s Home

When you’re away from home, mimic an occupied house with automated light settings. Indoor and outdoor lights activate on a schedule, making it appear someone’s inside.

Outdoor Lighting Design

The key to breathtaking outdoor lighting is skillful design. By strategically installing contrasting fixtures and layers, we create a dynamic lighting experience.
Explore lighting options for your Utah home.
Path Lighting
Safely navigate your outdoor spaces with step, path, or post lighting fixtures that help to guide the way.
Security Lighting
Strategically-placed lights by entrances, garages, and sheds remove the possibility of trespassers lurking in the shadows while assisting your security system.
Wall Lights
Create a sense of depth and space with outdoor wall lights against walls or your home’s exterior.
Outdoor Accent Lights
Accent lights aren’t just for interior design. Accentuate outdoor elements including trees, bushes, fountains, and statues.
Hanging Lights
Add a touch of sophistication with hanging lights as a focal point on your patio or outdoor living space.
Underwater Lights
Create a serene atmosphere in your pool or backyard pond while improving safety for nighttime swims.
home at dusk with lighting

Pool Lighting

Create your own nighttime lagoon with mesmerizing underwater lights that sync to your lighting control system.

Walkway Lighting

Illuminate walkways throughout your lawn with long-lasting, durable lights installed in ground.

Wall Lights and Sconces

Add character to walls and surfaces with tactful sconces. They’ll provide helpful illumination while showcasing your home’s charm.

Security Lights

Ensure a well-lit perimeter to deter intruders and provide peace of mind with reliable illumination, enhancing security.

Pendant Lights

Pendants aren’t just for the kitchen or dining room. Add light from above with weatherproof pendant fixtures.

Landscape Lights

Emphasize natural elements and architectural features with intentionally layered landscape lighting.

Why Should My Outdoor Lighting Be Smart?

Smart outdoor lighting unlocks a world of opportunities for both convenience and personalization. Imagine having the power to tailor the ambiance of your outdoor spaces, prompting your lights to adapt automatically to changing environmental conditions or align with your daily habits.

Smart lighting control integrates all your outdoor lighting into a seamless, easy-to-use system. Picture the transformative effect of smart outdoor lighting for your Northern California home!

Saving Energy with Smart Lighting

Ensure your outdoor lighting is only on when necessary—and off when it's not—with smart scheduling and sensor features.
  • Adaptive Brightness
    Experience ideal lighting conditions for any occasion. Our smart home systems adjust light levels in response to the surrounding natural light, maintaining a perfect atmosphere.
  • Conserve Energy
    Integrate motion detectors and sunlight sensors to control your lighting, minimizing unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Scheduling
    Program your outdoor lighting to follow your family’s daily routines. Have your walkways and landscapes beautifully lit by night, and let the system turn them off as morning light returns.

Personalization at Your Fingertips

With a smart lighting system, you're the master of the outdoor ambiance. Instantly modify LEDs’ hue and brightness using a mobile app, and save your preferred setups for future enjoyment.
  • Tailored Settings
    Planning a patio dinner gathering? Or getting ready for an upcoming holiday? Tailor the ideal atmosphere with color-tunable outdoor LEDs, all adjustable via the color selection feature on your app.
  • Scene Creation
    Craft and store lighting 'scenes' to adjust settings instantly. “All On” may turn on all outdoor lights to full brightness while “Relax” dims certain fixtures, setting them to a warm, golden hue.
  • Voice Commands & Geofencing
    Experience the ultimate in convenience without lifting a finger. Manage your outdoor lighting with simple voice commands or use geofencing technology so lights activate as you arrive or depart.


At its core, outdoor lighting control is about unparalleled convenience. Discover the simplicity of managing your lights from afar, whether you're lounging in your backyard or halfway across the globe.
  • Remote Control
    Control your lighting no matter where you are. Left the garden lights on? A quick tap on your smartphone lets you switch them off remotely, even from afar.
  • Seamless Integration
    Incorporate outdoor lighting with your broader smart home ecosystem for a unified, intelligent living space. Imagine an "Away" scene that simultaneously illuminates your exterior, activates security measures, and powers down your entertainment systems, all in one go.
  • Control Your Way
    Choose your control method—be it the smart home app, a portable remote, a wall-mounted keypad, or voice commands. With a fully integrated home system, managing your environment is always within arm's reach.

Why Hire Lavish Automation for Outdoor Lighting?

If you're inclined towards DIY, you might be thinking, "I can set up outdoor lighting by myself." It's a possibility, but are you equipped to craft a lighting design that rivals professional setups in these images? Do you grasp the essential safety measures for installing low-voltage systems? And how about integrating your outdoor lighting into an advanced control system that not only meets your current needs but also offers endless personalization?

Choosing Lavish Automation for your outdoor lighting installation brings a wealth of expertise and experience to your doorstep. Should any issues arise, or if you're looking to enhance your system down the line, our support is just a phone call away.

Specialized Knowledge
Specialized Knowledge
You can depend on us for an impeccable outcome. Our seasoned lighting specialists have decades of experience to guarantee a superior installation.
Safety Assurance
Safety Assurance
Our skilled technicians are well-versed in the crucial safety measures required for connecting both low-voltage and line-voltage lighting to your electrical setup, minimizing any chance of mishaps.
Tailored Solutions
Tailored Solutions
Our approach to outdoor lighting is far from generic. Forget the limitations of standard packages. We offer customized lighting designs and top-tier fixtures to perfectly suit your home.
Cost-Effective Efficiency
Cost-Effective Efficiency
Achieve optimal outcomes without breaking the bank. Our efficient methodology from design through to implementation promises a quick, economical installation process, all while maintaining the highest standard of quality.
Compliance and Permitting
Compliance and Permitting
Lavish Automation takes the reins on all compliance and permitting aspects, making sure your smart outdoor lighting endeavor aligns seamlessly with community standards and regulations.

Discover Your Home's True Beauty

Rediscover the charm of your Northern California home when it's enhanced by expert outdoor lighting installation. Interested in transforming your space? Reach out to our team to explore your options today.