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Indoor Living


Delve into a world where smart technology seamlessly weaves into every corner of your living space.


From cozy bedrooms to luxurious wine cellars, smart technology infuses elegance and practicality into every nook of your home. Immerse yourself in the myriad possibilities below.

Command your home's technology with unmatched ease.
Step into an era of unparalleled home entertainment experiences.
Contemporary security backed by sharp imaging and insightful analytics.

Reliable high-speed internet connectivity for entertainment and control.

Luxuriate in a theater space in your Santa Rosa, CA area home crafted for peak quality and plush comfort with a professional home theater setup.

Maintain your home's aesthetic with subtle, behind-the-scenes tech marvels.


Elegantly set the mood for every culinary adventure, whether your morning brew or cherished dinner gatherings in your Sonoma County or Santa Rosa, CA area home.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Multi-room Speaker Setups · Home Network Setup · Voice Control
dark blue cabinetry with wood accents sonance

Multi-room Music

Stream your music into the kitchen and dining room while family members listen to their music in the living room, garage and outdoors.

Lighting Control

Activity-based light scenes such as cooking, entertain and clean-up are easily activated from your table top or wall-mounted touch panel.

Smart Home Control

Touch your wall-mounted iPad or system touch panel to activate the cooking scene. Raise the lighting, adjust the shades and start your favorite playlist while you prepare a meal.

Bar / Game Room

Become the ultimate host, boasting dynamic audio and sleek displays that emerge when the fun begins.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Media Control · Lighting Control · Hidden Audio Video · High-Performance Audio
bar and game room with a Sony theater screen

Media Control

Easily switch up the entertainment from Netflix to Playstation and more with one-touch control of your 4K-compatible video sources.

Lighting Control

Transform the ambiance to complement any get-together, from a lavish cocktail party to a relaxing afternoon of playing pool.

Hidden Audio Video

Blend your entertainment system into the design of your space with framed TVs that pose as artwork when not in use or motorized lifts that reveal and hide your displays at your command.

Family Room

Elevate cherished family moments with amenities that amplify relaxation and joy.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Media Control · Hidden Audio Video · Universal Remotes
living area with savant technology and pandora on a tv screen

High-Performance Audio

Delight in audio sources both new and old through a high-fidelity speaker system that creates a beautiful soundscape for any audiophile.

Universal Remotes

Command limitless entertainment with just a click of a remote, from turning on your TV to setting the perfect scene for movie night or game day.

Media Control

Turn on your TV, stream your family’s favorite music, and select a film to enjoy—all from one intuitive interface for clutter-free contro

Whole Home

Unlock the epitome of luxury living with streamlined one-touch commands and complete home automation in your Sonoma County area home.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Climate Control · Multi-room Speaker Setups · Smart Security · Wi-Fi · Automated Door Locks
white modern home photographed at dusk

Lighting Control

Set the mood in any room or throughout your entire home with automated scenes to suit the perfect occasion.

Smart Security

Monitor your property live from any location. Remotely disarm your home to let in visitors, activate your home once they leave, and receive alerts when unwanted activity is detected.

Multi-room Music

Create the perfect soundscape throughout one or all of the rooms in your home with instant access to your favorite media sources from your mobile device or system remote.

Wine Cellar

Cherish and safeguard your prized wine ensemble with tailored controls, intuitive software, and fortified security, making wine appreciation a delightful journey.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Climate Control · Multi-room Music · Smart Security · Humidity Sensors · Motion Detection · Management System

Lighting Control

Implement low-heat ceiling lights, accent lights and back lighting for safe and beautiful illumination that you can adjust on command.

Climate Control

Program and monitor wine storage temperatures for your entire collection to maintain optimum quality and longevity for your valuable investment.

Multi-room Music

Elevate your tasting parties with beautiful background music from concealed speakers that play any music you select from your mobile device or in-wall keypad.

Smart Security

Remotely view live and recorded video of the inside and surrounding perimeters of your wine cellar. Receive alerts in real time when a visitor attempts to enter or motion is detected.

Humidity Sensors

Monitor the humidity within your wine cellar and receive alerts when it is out of range to ensure your wine collection stays in pristine condition.

Motion Detection

Receive alerts in real time when motion is detected in or around your wine cellar. Trigger alarms and lights to activate as well as entries to lock once unwanted activity is detected.

Management System

Keep your wine collection organized with an online storage and management system that notifies you of the perfect time to enjoy your wine.

Listening Room

Reconnect with the soulful allure of music through high-definition audio systems and acoustical enhancements, ensuring pure auditory bliss.
Common Solutions
High-Performance Audio · Home Media · Lighting Control · Acoustic Treatments
listening room with high performance mcintosh speakers

High-Performance Audio

Delight in pure sound from your lossless streaming service or ageless vinyl collection on your turntable through cutting-edge speakers that emit full-bodied, immaculate sound.

Home Media

Enjoy high-fidelity streaming of music and videos or listen to your CDs, DVDs and vinyl collections, all easily accessed and controlled via your remote or touch panel.

Acoustic Treatments

Reduce distortion and recreate the feeling of a live concert with precisely placed acoustic treatments for a world-class listening environment.

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