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Control Meets Elegance

The technology behind your home automation system is only as good as the device that allows you to control it. Once we have integrated your new smart home with intelligent systems, the fun part is taking control with the simple touch of an elegant, intuitive device. Control all the systems in your home seamlessly, while the technology behind them remains completely hidden. We work with only the best-in-class products and manufacturers to offer you unparalleled convenience, performance, and reliability.

Great Gear for Music

Today, there is an overwhelming amount of audio and video gear on the market for you to research before buying. But reviews and forums are no substitute for hearing carefully curated and properly tuned equipment in a comfortable environment, or the personal guidance our experienced professionals can offer when you visit our showroom. The products you’ll find at Lavish have been hand-selected by our experts from the hundreds of brands we’ve evaluated. We take pride in bringing you the very best in value, sound and picture quality, reliability, and performance. Come hear and see what you’ve been missing.

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Audio & Video

Acurus Muse

Barco Logo

Acurus is a premium brand for immersive home cinema and distributed audio applications. Acurus blends together the latest technologies in audio, system set-up, and control and creates perfectly balanced solutions for today's demanding smart home installation.  Whether the need is power, performance, flexibility, durability or upgradeability, Acurus products deliver an outstanding experience of high performance audio.

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graphic product anthem


logo company product anthem

Anthem has been manufacturing award-winning, high-performance audio-visual equipment for more than two decades. Their reputation in the AV industry is legendary, and their equipment remains among the top choices of professional musicians and engineers worldwide.

Learn more about Anthem

Ariatechnik Product

Ariatechnik Logo

Ariatechnik is committed to designing and producing the finest audio equipment in the world. Designed and manufactured in the U.S., Ariatechnik specializes in digital audio equipment that offers stunning high-fidelity playback and professional-level sound for the home.

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Barco Residential

Barco Logo

Barco, a Belgian company founded in 1934, is a leader in digital projection and imaging technology. Known worldwide for state-of-the-art cinema, control rooms and mission critical simulation, Barco is an easy choice for anyone looking for best-in-class performance.

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graphic product Bluesound

logo product Bluesound

Developed by NAD digital audio engineers, Bluesound’s cool looking components take wireless streaming to a new level of sound quality, including the hi-res stream capability which eludes most other reasonably priced wireless systems. Bluesound brings the convenience of music streaming together with high-performance audio, and the Bluesound app makes nice music at the touch of a finger.
FACT: If you dream of wireless but won’t sacrifice sound quality, Bluesound is for you.

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graphic product CAMBRIDGE AUDIO

logo company product CAMBRIDGE AUDIO

Cambridge Audio has been engineering high-quality equipment for over 50 years. The British company is famous for designing innovative, award-winning products that let you hear your music exactly as the artist intended.

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Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics Logo

Great Britain’s Chord Electronics is available here at Lavish. We showcase the best of the best available sound systems from icons of the industry spanning the globe. Choosing category leaders who define the state of the art is the foundation of what we do.

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eat forte s

eat logo 1024x1024

European Audio Team offers turntables with maximum technology and performance while still maintaining an elegant look.  Never has a turntable company combined such Kinetic energies in such elegant products.  The EAT Forté represents the ultimate in analog playback. EAT has worked diligently to balance all of the critical components of the overall design. At its heart is a massive forty-five pound platter.

Learn more about EAT

Fyne F1-5

Fyne Logo

Fyne Audio is one of the most exciting new companies to hit the market in the last few years. While the brand itself is new to the scene, the team behind it isn’t.

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The Goldring brand has long been synonymous with all that is great about British hi-fi and is a name closely associated with quality, innovation and reliability throughout the long history of the gramophone record.

For the highest accuracy and most detailed listening experience Goldring offers a selection of excellent moving coil cartridge designs. With the lowest moving mass and most advanced diamond profiles, Goldring's innovative, hand-made MC cartridges offer the best performance for the most discerning listeners.

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GrooveWasher Logo

Vinyl fans understand how vital it is to keep their records and stylus clean to produce the clearest, fullest sound. When you’re looking for the best record and needle cleaning system out there, look no further than GrooveWasher. GrooveWasher’s record and stylus cleaning kits are an easy system that give you better sound quality while extending the life of your records and stylus.

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Integra Santa Rosa

Integra Logo

Integra first made its appearance in the summer of 1969, with the Model 701 integrated amplifier. At the time, they were a subdivision of the Japanese manufacturer Onkyo, and the moniker “Integra” was meant to identify the company’s high-quality flagship products.

Learn more about Integra products

A90J Sony

isotek logo

Upgrade from a power bar to one of IsoTek’s dedicated power cleaning systems with multiple power cleaning filters, one for each output socket. These are dedicated for audio visual and audio applications. Circuits are electrically engineered for source components as well as products that need a high current supply. Therefore you can upgrade your full audio system with the best input power without fear of reduced dynamic range.

Products listed under Power Line Cleaners contain passive circuits designed to reduce impedance, correct mains noise within the power line whilst maintaining safety. IsoTek’s Power Line range has led the market for over two decades.

Learn more about IsoTek

JL Audio Fathom v2 Series

JL Audio Logo

When you’re in search of a high-performance subwoofer for your home theater or sound system, look no further than JL Audio. Known for unique engineering and superior sound quality, JL Audio equipment is truly made by audiophiles, for audiophiles. If you’ve been looking for JL subwoofers in Santa Rosa, stop into the Lavish showroom.

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logo product KEF

KEF made a name for itself with their iconic hi-fi loudspeakers, but all of their equipment is inventive and well-engineered. KEF speakers, subwoofers, soundbars, and headphones are designed for high performance.

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Named in honor of the Japanese artist Honami Koetsu, the company was started by Yoshiaki Sugano. A boxer, artist, sword maker and automotive executive, Sugano-san was a true renaissance man. His love of western classical music led him on a journey to improve the musicality of common phono cartridges. Through his experimentation he pioneered the use of high purity materials such as 6N copper and rare platinum iron magnets.
For more than thirty-years, Koetsu has masterfully blended the highest purity technical materials with ones of natural beauty to create the most sought-after cartridges in the world. Sugano-San's legacy is carried on by his son Fumihiko who apprenticed under his father to become a master cartridge maker. Every Koetsu cartridge is hand made in Japan and inherently limited in nature.
Lavish is proud to share this extraordinary art with our dedicated vinyl users. Once heard, there is no going back. Very few audio components offer such a compelling view in to the music as Koetsu cartridges.

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JL Audio Fathom v2 Series


The super-critical reviewers and editors of audio publications universally applaud LAST Record Preservative. New records treated with LAST Record Preservative and kept clean are playable hundreds of times without discernible wear–keeping them in pristine condition for the life of your collection.  It chemically enhances the molecular stability, and therefore the cohesiveness of the groove surface. So it completely resists the damaging effects of stylus shock waves.

Learn more about Last Record Cleaner



Krell has earned a distinguished reputation for engineering innovation, build integrity and product excellence. The company has a rich history of product introductions, each transcending mere ‘latest model year’ status by deeply impacting the high-end audio industry.

The world’s most discriminating audiophiles and product reviewers have consistently recognized Krell components for setting new performance benchmarks. The sheer breadth of Krell amplifiers’ dynamic range conveys a startling realism—each iteration transcending the previous. Seemingly unlimited frequency response combined with unerring accuracy and fortitude, continue a tradition that began with Krell’s legendary KSA-100—the first high power, high-current, true Class A biased stereo power amplifier available to audiophiles

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Spendor was founded in the late 1960s by Spencer and Dorothy Hughes – the ‘Spen’ and ‘Dor’ in the name. Spencer applied the knowledge and expertise he’d gained as an engineer in the BBC’s sound engineering department to create his first loudspeaker, the BC1. This game-changing design quickly became the monitor of choice for broadcasters and recording studios worldwide.
Almost 50 years on, the influence of the iconic BC1 and its successors can be seen and heard in a range of distinctive, innovative loudspeakers. Spendor remains the reference standard for both discerning audiophiles and professional sound engineers, delivering a transparent, natural and musical sound that truly captivates.

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Linn Logo

Linn’s unique commitment to improving home audio playback spans five decades of innovation and the application of advanced engineering principles. Everything they do is with one goal in mind: bringing you closer to your music by reproducing it with unparalleled accuracy and clarity, exactly the way the artist intended you to hear it.

We are factory trained for Linn LP12 upgrades.

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Leon Audio

Leon Logo

Leon was created nearly 20 years ago with the vision of blending art with audio and design with technology. The team at Leon is comprised of artists, designers, engineers and craftsmen who put loving dedication into the details.

Learn more about Leon products

LG has long been on the cutting edge of technology, producing innovative TVs with exceptionally crisp picture quality. LG’s smart TVs allow you to get more from your television – watch programming from your favorite broadcasters, access streaming content, and seamlessly share content between devices.

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Magnepan has been manufacturing innovative, world class stereo speakers for 47 years. Jim Winey, the inventor of the Magneplanar loudspeaker, first owned electrostatic loudspeakers and began experimenting to design an improved electrostatic speaker. In 1969, Jim invented the Magneplanar, a thin-film magnetic equivalent to the electrostat.

Full-range planar (electrostatic or ribbon) speakers have a reputation with audiophiles for uncanny bass and midbass accuracy. There are practical considerations that preclude the widespread use of planar technology for bass and midbass reproduction, but these large and expensive full-range dipoles can reproduce the correct timbre of an acoustical bass instrument that is smeared with conventional woofers in hybrid designs.

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Magnum Dynalab

With the introduction of a simple, yet revolutionary product over 30 years ago, Magnum Dynalab’s legacy began. The incredible Signal Sleuth, designed to boost and stabilize FM signals, was launched in 1984 and eventually led to the introduction of what would become our core product line for many years; world-leading analog FM tuners for the home market.

Serious FM listeners rejoice as the Magnum tuners and antennas are available at the Santa Rosa showroom.

Learn More About Magnum Dynalab

McIntosh MC452

McIntosh Logo

Renowned worldwide for their handcrafted, superior sound equipment, allowing music lovers to create a luxury audio experience at home. From their inception in 1949, McIntosh has raised the bar and shaped the very history of music.

Learn more about McIntosh

Mobile Fidelity

Barco Logo

Whether you’re new to vinyl or expanding your collection, you’ll hear the difference when you spin a MoFi record. Lavish offers the largest selection of Mobile Fidelity vinyl in Santa Rosa.

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Have you been searching for NAD products in the Santa Rosa area? NAD proves that stunning sound quality and excellent value don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Their philosophy is to only include features that are genuinely useful, resulting in aesthetically understated designs that are sleek and modern.

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Ortofon Product Santa Rosa

Ortofon Logo

After a century in the industry, you’ll find an Ortofon cartridge is unlike anything else you can find from another manufacturer. While the best Ortofon cartridge is up for debate, there’s no doubt that they all produce superior sound quality and a high level of reliability – it all comes down to your own musical tastes.

Learn more about Ortofon

Media Décor Products

Media Décor Logo - Media Décor Santa Rosa

Media Décor products elegantly conceal AV equipment behind your choice of artwork, allowing you to discreetly integrate them into your room’s existing aesthetic.

Learn more about Media Décor products

graphic product Parasound

logo company product Parasound

Parasound is known for producing high-performance audio equipment that provides lasting value for any budget. The company’s uncompromising dedication to quality and strict quality assurance standards have made it a true giant in the industry.

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Rega Research products are high-quality, high value, and offer exceptional musicality, derived from a design philosophy rejecting the idea that “heavier is better.” Rega equipment is lightweight yet sturdy and their simple, elegant designs look great in any sound system.

Learn more about Rega

Roon Labs

Roon Labs Logo

Have you been looking into Roon? Roon offers the most compelling way to play music in your home, compiling all your music into a single digital library that can be used to play music on multiple devices. Roon provides a wealth of information about artists, albums and entire musical genres in a world-class user interface.

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Rogue Pharoh

Barco Logo

Rogue Audio amplifier designs combine the finest in tube circuit topology with meticulously engineered circuit layout to achieve superior performance. Unflagging attention to the integrity of the audio signal path and power supplies results in truly superior designs. The most discriminating audiophile will delight in the impeccable fidelity of recordings reproduced through our amplifiers.

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Samsung Products

Samsung Logo - Samsung Santa Rosa

Lavish is a proud Samsung Partner and installer of custom Samsung home entertainment products. We trust Samsung to deliver ground breaking innovations year after year with unmatched quality and reliability. Indoor or outdoor we can deliver the ultimate home viewing and audio experience.

Learn more about Samsung products



Throughout the Séura journey, technology has drastically evolved and become an even larger and more integrated part of everyday life. With that, Séura’s vision has evolved as well. Instead of bridging the gap between design and technology Séura is focused on eliminating it. Working to find the perfect harmony of design and technology in every product and project so that every individual gets the most from every space they are in. Séura smart mirror TVs, indoor waterproof TVs, outdoor TV's and lighted mirrors are the best in the business. Elegant design meets best-in-class video performance in all weather conditions. From rooftops to balconies to poolside cabanas, Séura Outdoor TVs enhance beautifully designed spaces and bring people together. Or discover a new way to connect and improve your morning routine with Séura SMART Technology. Seamlessly incorporate your preferred SMART Technology into a custom bathroom vanity design with a broad suite of customization options.

Learn more about Seura

Screen Innovations

Screen Innovations Logo

Screen Innovations was born in 2003 in the garage of founder Ryan Gustafson, who’d become frustrated with the lack of quality and innovation available in the screen market. His solution was to design his own. Since Screen Innovations was established, they’ve put a strong focus on developing revolutionary products of exceptional quality.

Learn more about Screen Innovations

Home Automation

logo company medium sonance

Sonance was founded in 1983 by Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer. They recognized there was a need for a system that delivered both performance and minimal visual impact.

Learn more about Sonance

Home Automation

logo product sonos new

Sonos is one of the most popular smart home audio systems on the market today. Founded in 2002, Sonos was inspired by a vision of technology that didn’t exist at the time: wireless devices that could bring music to every room in the home.

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Stewart Filmscreen Corp is recognized as the "benchmark" manufacturer of projection screens worldwide. The qualities that make Stewart Filmscreen products the pinnacle of optimal function and value are guaranteed by extreme attention to detail throughout all of the activities of the company.

Target Audio Products

Target Audio Logo

Target Audio is a leading manufacturer of speaker stands focusing on high mass and high rigidity. Target’s stands are produced from 100% steel, making them substantially heavier than other stands on the market.

Learn more about Target Audio products

Tivoli Products

Tivoli Logo - Tivoli Santa Rosa

Tivoli Audio began in Boston in 2000, when founder Tom DeVesto noticed there was a gap in the consumer audio market for a well-designed, affordable AM/FM radio.

Learn more about Tivoli products

VTL S-200

VTL Amplifiers

If you’re looking for world-renowned high-powered, high-performance tube amplifiers that offer stunning music reproduction, look no further than VTL amplifiers. VTL amps produce dynamic sound and are extremely user-friendly.

Learn more about VTL


Wireworld Logo

When you’re looking for the highest quality audio and video cables available, stop in the Lavish showroom in downtown Santa Rosa to see our extensive selection of Wireworld products.

Learn more about WireWorld



Get ready for beautiful images and dynamic sound with ultra-easy control; TV, movies,'s all right at your command. Yamaha’s Home Theater systems simplify the home theater experience, and deliver Yamaha’s legendary performance. These user-friendly entertainment systems are quick and easy to set up, and easy to use and enjoy.

Learn more about Yamaha

Control, Lighting & Shading

graphic product elang

logo company product elan

Enjoy the ultimate entertainment and smart home experience with one simple interface that sets it apart. The ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System.  The ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System can be configured to do as much, or as little as you want. Plus, it's easy to add control, as needed, in the future.

logo company product elang

Learn more about ELAN



Lutron was founded in the late 1950s by Joel Spira, a young physicist who set out to invent a solid-state device that would allow people to vary the intensity of their lighting. He created the first rotary dimmer, marking the birth of lighting control.

Learn more about Lutron

Home Automation

logo company medium savant

Savant was created with the mission to provide the best possible experience in home automation. Founded in 2005, the company makes products that are inventive, user-friendly, and future-focused.

Learn more about Savant

graphic product </strong><noscript><img src=


logo product

Universal Remote Control was founded in 1991 and is widely recognized today as a global leader of device control. Specializing in innovative remote controls for use with home theater and automation systems, their quality products have earned a reputation for unsurpassed reliability, performance, and convenience.

Learn more about URC products

Communications, Networking & Surveillance

Cinematech Products

Cinematech Logo

Cinematech is among the nation’s leading providers of top-of-the-line acoustic treatments and luxury home theater seating. The company was founded more than 20 years ago by entrepreneur Michael Murphy.

Learn more about Cinematech products

Furniture & Supporting Equipment


Furman Logo

Furman has been producing high-quality power management equipment since 1974 and is widely used by those who can’t afford to have equipment failures or downtime.

Learn more about Furman products


Panamax Logo

Panamax has been the top provider of innovative power management products since 1975. Widely recognized for its quality surge protection equipment, Panamax has developed award-winning products that offer cutting-edge solutions to protect and enhance the performance of your electronics.

Learn more about Panamax products

image product Quadraspire

logo company product Quadraspire

Quadraspire specializes in crafting modular AV furniture centering around a lightweight, rigid design. Established in 1995 by Dutch designer Eddie Spruit, the company’s goal was to develop a stylish HiFi rack that allowed high acoustic performance.

Learn more about Quadraspire

Home Automation

Salamander Designs

Salamander Designs is a leading manufacturer of high-quality home theater seating and entertainment furniture. The company was created more than 20 years ago by Salvatore Carrabba, who became discouraged while designing his own home theater.

Learn more about Salamander Designs

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