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Outdoor Living

Smarter Solutions for Wide Open Spaces

Unlock the boundless potential of your home’s exterior with cutting-edge technology tailored to perfection.

Expand the luxury of smart living beyond your home's walls.

From serene gardens to dynamic basketball courts, our technology seamlessly merges elegance and functionality. Dive into the curated possibilities below.

Elevate your outdoor gatherings in the Sonoma County area with state-of-the-art outdoor audio systems and glare-resistant TVs.

Craft an ultra-modern aesthetic with architectural speakers, concealed screens, and dedicated AV storage.

Enhance your peace of mind with outdoor security cameras, advanced video analytics and instant access to real-time surveillance in your Healdsburg, CA area home.
Stay effortlessly connected with robust networks optimized for high-end AV and seamless control.
Control your estate easily, from lighting and security to real-time surveillance, wherever you are.
Boost your entertainment experience with top-tier components and tailored controls.

Pool / Spa

Design your dream outdoor retreat. Intuitive automation lets you set the mood with ambient audio and lighting.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Outdoor Entertainment · Surveillance · Wi-Fi · Underwater Audio · Pool & Spa Automation · Outdoor Lighting
crystal blue water in a nice home with a pool and seated spa


Never experience weak or lost connection with extended wireless access points for strong, reliable signal around your outdoor property.

Pool & Spa Automation

Enjoy the perfect pool environment with system integration that enables water feature and lighting control as well as automating daily pool equipment functions.

Outdoor Lighting

Elevate your backyard and increase security with strategically placed landscape lighting that can turn on and off automatically based on the time of day and enhance your home’s exterior.

Landscape / Garden

Infuse vibrancy with strategic accent landscape lighting and durable, high-fidelity audio into your Santa Rosa, CA area gardens.
Common Solutions
Landscape Lighting Control · Surveillance · Smart Security · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi · Heated Driveway
aerial view of a landscape with sonance technology

Outdoor Audio

Listen to your favorite music outdoors with weather-resistant, high-fidelity landscape speakers that blend in effortlessly with your garden.

High-Performance Audio

Enjoy crystal-clear audio with a strategically engineered multi-channel speaker system that withstands the elements and pierces through ambient noise.


Monitor your outdoor spaces in real time from any location. Receive alerts to your smartphone when unexpected activity is detected.

Gated Entry

Receive instant notifications upon guest arrivals and control access from any device, anytime.
Common Solutions
Smart Security · Surveillance · Entry Systems/Access Control · Remote Access/Monitoring · Intercom · Motorized Gates · Heated Driveway
modern home with a gated entry and wooden accents

Entry Systems/Access Control

Implement an easy-to-use entry system for guests with a PIN or keycard. Automatically log entries into a web management system for audits.


Easily communicate with visitors at the gate from your smartphone or tablet while you’re still inside the house or out of town.

Motorized Gates

Effortlessly enter and exit your property with automated gates that open and close upon sensing your vehicle’s unique ID tag. Command your gate remotely for visitor access.

Outdoor Kitchen

Elevate al fresco dining with precision lighting and immersive audio-visual settings, perfect for any event.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Smart Home Control · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi
outdoor kitchen with seura technology

Weather-Proof Video Displays

Watch the game while you grill out with weather-proof, anti-glare 4K video displays that resist the elements for unbeatable clarity and brightness.

High-Performance Audio

Enjoy immersive audiophile quality audio with professional grade loudspeaker systems designed to withstand the elements and provide many years of listening pleasure.


Relax knowing your extended coverage access points have your entire property covered with reliable and consistent connectivity optimized for performance.

Recreational Areas

Inject excitement into recreational spots with bespoke audio solutions, setting the stage for memorable play.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Outdoor Audio · Outdoor Lighting · High-Performance Audio · Surveillance · Acoustic Treatments
outdoor rec area with pool and sitting area

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your courts and landscape after sunset with weatherproof lighting systems that increase the livable square footage of your property while improving safety and curb appeal.


Relax knowing your extended coverage access points have your entire property covered with reliable and consistent connectivity optimized for performance.

Outdoor Audio

Stream your media collection while you play tennis or sand volleyball with weather-resistant, high-fidelity speakers that stay hidden from view.

Water Features

Transform your spaces with mesmerizing aquatic installations, blending nature's tranquility with sophisticated design.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Distributed Audio · Surveillance · Remote Access Control · Wi-Fi · Sound Systems

sonance technology on an image of water features by a pool

Underwater Audio

Immerse in a unique audio experience with underwater sound systems for residential water features. Enjoy your favorite tunes while relaxing in your aquatic sanctuary.

Underwater Lighting

Enhance the ambiance of your water features with underwater lighting. Illuminate your pool or pond for after-dark enjoyment, adding a touch of magic to your nights.

Pool Features

Upgrade your residential pool with custom features. From waterfalls to fountains, create a unique oasis that brings leisure, relaxation, and aesthetic value to your home.

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