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KEF speakers stand as a testament to groundbreaking innovation and the finest British craftsmanship. If you’re ready to experience music to the fullest at your northern California home, let us introduce you to KEF audio.


KEF speakers stand as a testament to groundbreaking innovation and the finest British craftsmanship. If you’re ready to experience music to the fullest at your northern California home, let us introduce you to KEF audio.



Since 1961, KEF has led the way in audio innovation and research, dedicated to delivering outstanding listening experiences. With pioneering developments such as the Uni-Q driver technology and the renowned Muon and Blade speakers, KEF has consistently redefined speaker design. Embrace KEF's legacy of audio superiority and hear the difference for yourself at Lavish Automation in San Francisco, Healdsburg, and Santa Rosa, CA.

Uni-Q® Technology

KEF’s Uni-Q technology makes every seat in the room a premium listening spot. Even sound distribution delivers a wide and immersive soundstage, making it sound as though the band is really in the room.

Uni-Core® Technology

Uni-Core represents a significant advancement in the performance of compact subwoofers, enabling deeper bass from smaller enclosures. Its cutting-edge force-canceling structure minimizes distortion, ensuring clearer, more robust bass for an enhanced listening experience.


KEF's pioneering MAT technology significantly improves sound quality by absorbing undesired audio from the driver’s rear. This leading-edge approach leads to cleaner, more authentic sound reproduction.

Single Apparent Source Technology

KEF’s speaker technology achieves flawless time alignment, uniting all drivers to form a cohesive point source of sound. Its innovative configuration delivers extraordinarily precise, three-dimensional audio staging, drawing you into an experience as close to the live performance as possible.

Hi-Fi Speakers

KEF's renowned hi-fi speakers encapsulate forward-thinking design, meticulous British craftsmanship, and the forefront of acoustic technology. From the emblematic Blade to the acclaimed LS 50 series, hear them all at Lavish Automation.

  • MUON

    MUON speakers by KEF represent the peak of audio engineering. Developed in partnership with industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, these limited-edition speakers offer a harmonious mix of style and function, enhancing your listening environment.
  • Blade Series

    Songs that you’ve heard hundreds of times will sound brand-new to your ears with the KEF Blade series. Featuring Single Apparent Source technology and a unique driver configuration, these speakers provide an exceptional and consistent listening experience across all types of recordings.
  • Reference Series

    Explore the renowned sound quality of KEF's Reference Series, designed to ensure every audio nuance is heard. Crafted with precision and individually calibrated, these speakers demonstrate KEF's dedication to unparalleled audio fidelity. The Reference Series offers a listening experience that's both extraordinary and authentic.
  • R Series

    The R Series from KEF integrates key innovations first seen in the esteemed Reference collection. Equipped with the Uni-Q driver and Metamaterial Absorption Technology, these speakers provide a richly detailed and vibrant sound landscape suitable for everything from stereo setups to home theaters.

  • Q Series

    Discover the Q Series by KEF, where exceptional sound quality becomes accessible to everyone. Featuring advanced technologies initially introduced in the Reference and Blade series, these speakers offer a comprehensive, layered audio experience, presenting outstanding value.
  • LS50 Meta

    The LS50 Meta represents an advanced phase in the evolution of the celebrated LS50 line. Utilizing Metamaterial Absorption Technology, these speakers achieve unparalleled sound clarity. Enjoy potent audio performance from these compact speakers with the LS50 Meta.
  • T Series

    The T Series combines a remarkably slim form with exceptional audio output. Their slender design belies a rich, detailed sound output, made possible through KEF's cutting-edge driver technology. Ideal for minimalistic spaces, the T Series enhances any media setup.

    Wireless Hi-Fi Speakers

    Discover the LS Wireless Collection from KEF. These speakers integrate state-of-the-art wireless connectivity with KEF's renowned sound craftsmanship, offering immersive, cable-free audio across your California home. Step into the next era of home sound with the LS Wireless Collection.
    • LS60

      The LS60 Wireless tower speakers deliver unmatched audio quality, enhancing every form of audio, from streaming tunes and high-res tracks to television audio and vinyl records. They represent a new standard in high-fidelity, digital, and cable-free sound, making every listening experience better.
    • LSXII

      Compact yet mighty, the LSX II embodies KEF's high-fidelity sound in its most compact form. Equipped with the Uni-Q driver array and bespoke digital signal processing, it expands the sweet spot and reveals the intricacies in your music, movies, and games, offering expansive sound from a small package.
    • LS50

      The LS50 Wireless II is more than just a speaker; it's an evolved, all-in-one audio system from KEF. This latest iteration offers high-fidelity sound for streaming, TV, vinyl, and game consoles in a streamlined, easy-to-operate package, focusing purely on delivering exceptional sound.