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anthem amplifiers santa rosa

Lavish Automation should be your number one stop for Anthem amplifiers in Santa Rosa and the greater Sonoma County area because we stock the most variety at some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere in the Bay Area. We not only offer several different Anthem amplifiers for sale, we also offer all the other equipment and support you’ll need to create a perfect customized home theater system. There’s an awful lot to love about Anthem audio and our knowledgeable team would love to meet with you in our showroom and go over all the reasons why we stand by this brand time and again.

Anthem is known in the industry for producing high-performance audiovisual equipment that allows you to feel like you’re right in the room where the sound is happening. Whether you’re building a system for your recorded music or creating your own unique home cinema, you can rely on them for quality sound replication. Their products include processors, receivers, room correction, and of course amplifiers ranging from preamplifiers to power and integrated amplifiers. We offer several Athem amplifiers at our Santa Rosa showroom and gladly invite interested customers to come in and ask for a demonstration of an Anthem system’s capabilities. In our demo room, we can build a system using any equipment you want to test out so you can get a better idea of what will work for your needs. The Anthem amplifiers for sale at our showroom include monoaural or multichannel amplifiers, among others. Depending on how you use the amplification system, you may want something more or less powerful, with the ability to deliver continuous wattage or more delicate balance for better stereo performance. Let us know what you’re going for and we’ll help you build the system that works best for you. Our team of expert audio professionals can also do a walkthrough of your home to determine whether you need additional acoustic material installed. We gladly provide home audio installation throughout Sonoma County and the Bay Area.

You can call us at 707-595-2020 to set up an appointment at our showroom. Please come meet with our team and let us know which Anthem amplifiers you’re most interested in. If you’re not sure what will work best for you, we can offer guidance.