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Apple Home Automation Santa Rosa CA

Installing Apple home automation for our Santa Rosa CA clients is almost as simple as using a smart phone! Apple is well-known for its intuitive user interfaces and clean, elegant designs, and the Apple smart home system is no different. This system is super customizable and can include anything and everything you need, from security to lighting to temperature control and so much more. Not only are the system accessories stunning to look at, they’re also accessible directly from your Apple device.

Whether you’re upgrading your home in stages or going full smart home all at once, Lavish Automation can help get you there. With today’s technological capabilities, we’re practically living in a near-future science fiction film, complete with voice activated lighting control and intuitive heating and cooling systems. Apple home automation allows Santa Rosa homeowners the opportunity to enjoy their home to the fullest and protect it completely. Available accessories include alarms, sensors, lights, thermostats, video cameras, locks, and more. With an iHome SmartPlug, any electronic in your home can be controlled from your iPad or iPhone. You can even use Siri commands from anywhere in the house! With an Apple smart home system, you can wake up in the morning to your preferred lighting, turn on the coffee maker with a simple command, and enjoy your ideal temperature, all before you even get out of bed. When you leave for work, use your iPhone to let your system know you’re leaving and it will adjust into power-saving mode until you get home for the evening. Even your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm will not only give you 10 years of battery life, it will also let you know via your device if there’s a problem, even if you’re not home.

Whether you’re just interested in a smart lighting system to start or you’d like to fully automate your home, Lavish Automation can help. We know Apple inspires brand loyalty because of their quality and dedication to sleek tech devices, so if Apple home automation is your preference, please call for an appointment and visit us in our Santa Rosa showroom. We can’t wait to show you what we can do!