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Sonos Apple Music Study


How Music Impacts Our Homes and Families

Everyone acknowledges that music makes you feel good. It's why it's so important to have a good whole house audio system in your Santa Rosa home. Now two major players in the audio world, Apple and Sonos , have just published the results of the first large scale , unequivocal study on the importance of good-sounding music in our lives. This study crosses through all economic strata.

 30,000 American households made up the sample group. For one week, no music was allowed to be played. On the second week, any and all types of music listening were permitted. Without laying out the dozens of categories for which statistics were generated, the study emphatically proved two things. The first is that music is fundamentally desired by human beings. The second and related truth is that good sound and music together improve virtually every single aspect of human existence. Simply put, Apple and Sonos have now told us all that “the good life” lifestyle is significantly incomplete without the presence of music in the home reproduced at low distortion.

  • People enjoy cooking and eating much more when nice music is playing.
  • People say “I love you” more when good-sounding music plays at home.
  • Families spend more time together when there is good sound at home.
  • You show increase in positive feelings due to good-sounding music.
  • You are more physically active when good-sounding music lives at home.
  • You are more likely to laugh …
  • And on and on and on…amazing stuff.

Infants benefit most of all. Babies need clean-sounding music for full brain development in their first three years. There is No Substitute.

Ready to enjoy these music perks? Contact Lavish Hi-Fi to bring high-quality audio into your home. 

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