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What Can I Listen to on My Home Music System?


From Albums to Streaming, Get Access to All Your Favorite Artists

Rarely do people listen to music in just one way. It’s one of the most popular forms of entertainment precisely because it’s so fluid. Not only can you listen in a variety of ways—loudspeakers, portable speakers, headphones—but you can also access it in a myriad of forms. Some types of music are better suited for streaming while other deserve the full vinyl treatment. One of the benefits of having a home music system is that it makes it easy for you to decide what type of sources you want to use in your Santa Rosa, CA home. In this blog, we showcase how to add some of the most popular music sources.

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Media Library

Most of our clients have created extensive music collections through digital media libraries on their computer or external hard drive. You can also consolidate all your files on a cloud-based server you access online. How are these linked to your whole home music system? We can incorporate a media server that gives you access to local files as well as NAS (cloud-based storage).

Streaming Services

Due to the popularity of streaming services, all our home music systems now include media servers with wireless capabilities. These servers let you link your high-end speakers to services like Pandora, Spotify, and Tidal which you can then manage from your smartphone, a touchpad, or smart remote. This is an excellent way to get access to music without having to physically own it—eliminating the need for extensive media libraries.


Our audiophile clients know that to get the best sound quality, they need to invest in vinyl albums. While your turntables are best suited for a dedicated listening room, it doesn't mean they can't be incorporated into your home music system so you can enjoy your favorite albums in other rooms. All it takes is an amplifier or AV receiver with a photo input. Once the turntable is added to the system, you can even control it from a touchpad or smartphone (though we prefer the experience of placing the needle down manually).


We can advise you on which CD players would fit best in your home music system. These can be linked to matrix switches or AV receivers so you can listen to your favorite CDs in multiple rooms. We recommend investing in a CD player with a high-quality DAC (digital to analog converter). This will result in a higher sampling rate for more detailed sound.

Radio Stations and Podcasts

Your system is good for more than just music. We can also incorporate a Sonos Connect that gives you access to thousands of online radio stations through services like IHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio. Through these stations, you can listen to local talk shows and follow your favorite sports teams. You can also subscribe to Stitcher to listen to your favorite podcasts throughout your home.

As part of your music system installation, we help you find the source components that make the most sense for your home. If you have any questions about options that are not mentioned in this blog or want to learn more about our home audio solutions, call us at 855-5-LAVISH or fill out our online contact form.

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