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Digital Surveillance Systems Installation Windsor CA

Choosing to have digital surveillance systems installation done at your Windsor CA home provides you a host of options that you never could have had in years past. In one fell swoop, you’ll achieve better home security and more peace of mind. Always know what’s happening inside and outside your home, keep an eye on the kids while they play outside, and even record video for your records in the event of an incident. Today’s digital surveillance cameras can be visible to act as a deterrent or discreet to monitor events when you’re not there. Regardless of what you need, our team can help.

There are a number of benefits to digital surveillance and video surveillance. We’ll go over them below.

Remote Access

With digital surveillance systems installation for your Windsor home, you have complete control over when and where you can see your live or recorded footage. You’ll never have to worry about whether you forgot to let the dog out or if you left the lights on. Simply access your surveillance camera remotely from your smart phone or tablet and see for yourself. When combined with other automated surveillance options like automated door locks and alarm systems, you can immediately send an alert or lock a forgotten door.

Central Access

When you’re at home, there’s no need to take a long trek through the house to check out an unfamiliar sound. Access your surveillance footage from a single central touch screen and do whatever you need to do, whether that means closing the shades or turning off a stray light.

Monitor Home Staff

Allowing people into your home takes a lot of trust, even when they’re professionals. Digital surveillance cameras serve the dual purpose of reminding people to stay on task and letting you know if they aren’t. Always know that the people working in and around your home are on the up-and-up.

Recorded Footage

Digital footage is easy to record and store indefinitely for posterity. If your cameras catch an accident outside your home or there’s an incident inside, that footage can prove invaluable.

Please call Lavish Automation at 707-595-2020 to set up an appointment and discuss your needs. We provide digital surveillance systems installation and many other home automation services to customers in Windsor, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, and other surrounding cities.