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fyne audio santa rosa

Fyne Audio is one of the most exciting new companies to hit the market in the last few years. While the brand itself is new to the scene, the team behind it isn’t.

Tannoy has been historically recognized as one of the undisputed leaders in loudspeaker design and manufacturing. After an ownership change and talks of moving their manufacturing site to China, Tannoy’s team split to create Fyne Audio. Fyne entered the hi-fi industry in 2017 and quickly took the audio world by storm. In only three years they’ve managed to collect an enviable number of accolades, promising a very bright future.

The Scottish-based company broke into the U.S. market this year, and you can now find Fyne Audio speakers at the Lavish showroom. With Fyne’s superb design and stunning performance, we were instant fans. A quick glance, and you might mistake them for Tannoy speakers. Closer inspection, however, reveals some significant sonic and aesthetic differences. Fyne’s speakers are more modern in appearance and engineering. They’ve developed exclusive design points and technology, including IsoFlare drivers, BassTrax profile diffusers, and FyneFlute, uniquely designed fluting that eliminates mis-termination effects while reducing coloration.

If you’d like to learn more about Fyne Audio or experience its exceptional sound for yourself, visit our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa. We have a selection of Fyne Audio speakers available and would love to give you a demo. Our audio experts are available to answer your questions and help you find the ideal speakers for your system.