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About This Project

For years we took vinyl records for granted even though that’s how the music magic began for everyone. Digital audio came along, stole the light, and offered a ‘no work’ method of playing music.CD can be excellent, but most folks ears were soon and frequently abraded by the tiring, coarse sound of low-rate digital MP-3s’ wherein over 90% of the musical content has been stripped out. All this time, hardcore vinyl enthusiasts remain convinced that LPs are more musical. Eventually, this sifted down to a wide number of music lovers who were frustrated by low quality digital sound. First, youngsters (now millennials) ‘discovered’ the completely differentiating medium and then it snowballed-“The Vinyl Resurgence” is for real. Why?


  • Warmer sound makes for much easier listening
  • Holding, caring for the LP, a physically palpable music medium
  • Album art and ‘liner notes’ now accessible & enjoyable
  • Many older LPs made w/ simple recording techniques
  • A beautiful machine, i.e., your turntable, is yours to behold and enjoy



About This Project

In its’ original translation, the word ‘stereophonic’ means three-dimensional. just two fine loudspeakers reproduce full range sound and a genuine stereo ‘soundstage’ with width and front to back depth develops in your room at home.99% of all recorded music has been produced in the stereo format; stick to ‘stereo mode’ for music.

If you cannot use loudspeakers, top quality headphones and headphone amplifier will take you deep into the music, and offer a different experience than loudspeakers. Ultimately, both are desirable; music is as much meant to be felt as heard, for sure!

Now, people are discovering that movies sound great in stereo too. Buy 2 high quality loudspeakers and a quality subwoofer rather than 6 cheaper ones, you’ll have higher purity sound for sure, and your system will be much easier to use; stereo is inherently simple!

Smooth, low distortion stereo sound is much more enjoyable than typical average quality ‘surround sound. ’Let us demonstrate!.


Home Theater

About This Project

There are home theaters, and then there are real Home Theaters.

Custom installed studio grade, 4K video projection on a large custom projection screen is far more realistic than even the biggest and ‘best’ tv. You see exactly what the director saw and intended; a true studio quality image that involves your entire angle of vision, just as occurs at a movie theater. A Lavish 4K projector and customized screen will deliver the full promise of home theater: True deep blacks and whites that allow an image to produce stunningly rich, natural color, along with near microscopic detail and a sense of spatial depth that is well beyond any tv. Now, as Mr. Spielberg said ,”Sound is 50% of the motion picture experience.” Lavish seamlessly combines the spectacular visual image with low distortion, powerful sound quality using audiophile grade components. (Remember, the musical score carries much of the mood.) Powerful low-distortion amplification delivers effortless sound to state of the art loudspeakersthat does not strain in climactic passages. Lavish expertise in room acoustics and design enables precise, dramatic subwoofer output instead of ‘bass, bass, all over the place’.

Simple, easy consistent control, a Lavish specialty, allows all your family and jealous friends to enjoy movies, big sporting events and more on your ‘dream come true’ system. We will be happy to work closely with you on every phase from initial design right through installation, audio and video calibration, orientation and long-term support. Lavish is a Diamond Certified company.


Turntables and Vinyl     |     2-Channel     |      Home Theater



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