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Vinyl fans understand how vital it is to keep their records and stylus clean to produce the clearest, fullest sound. When you’re looking for the best record and needle cleaning system out there, look no further than GrooveWasher. GrooveWasher’s record and stylus cleaning kits are an easy system that give you better sound quality while extending the life of your records and stylus. If you’ve been searching for GrooveWasher, stop into the Lavish showroom in downtown Santa Rosa.

Whether you’re a vinyl aficionado or are new to the magic of playing records, you might not know how important it is to keep your records and needle clean. Sound is encoded in the grooves of records, and your stylus is responsible for extracting this data as accurately as possible; over time, dust, fingerprints, static electricity, and mildew can build up in these grooves and collect on your needle, hampering the sound. Playing a dirty record can push debris into the grooves and may eventually damage the record or your stylus. Even if a record looks clean, it could still have microscopic debris in the grooves. The GrooveWasher system makes it easy to remove any visible or hidden debris, giving you superior sound while ensuring your record and needle will be in excellent condition for years.


GrooveWasher’s cleaning kits are a gentle and effective way to keep your records and stylus in optimal condition, and they look great alongside your sound system. With its attractive walnut handle and easy-to-remove microfiber cleaning pad, GrooveWasher’s unique cleaning brush offers the perfect balance of form and function. The system includes their proprietary cleaning fluid specially formulated for vinyl, providing outstanding removal of microdust and other sound-damaging particles. Groovewasher’s G2 Record Cleaning Fluid leaves behind minimal residue and won’t harm the surface of your record. We love GrooveWasher’s record and stylus cleaning kits because they’re easy to use, effective, and an affordable way to preserve the longevity of your needle and record collection.

If you love vinyl, it’s essential to keep your records sounding their best with products you can trust. No matter what type of technology solutions you’re looking for, you can always rely on Lavish to provide you with the highest-quality products, equipment, and services, from high fidelity audiospeakers, and video solutions to energy management, smart home automation, and security systems. Give us a call today at 707-595-2020 to discuss your needs or stop into our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa!