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The Home of the Future Has Arrived


How Smart Automation Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Did you ever imagine living in a home that anticipates your needs and adjusts accordingly? How about using your phone or watch to turn off lights or change the TV channel? All of that is possible with a home automation system in your Petaluma, California home. Below we take a look at some of the coolest things you can do with this type of technology:

Color Your House With Sound

Use a keypad or touchpad to designate different music scenes for each member of the family. For Dad, the LED lights turn a light blue and his favorite rock album begins playing. Meanwhile your daughter's ‘scene' activates in her room: the Disney Channel Sirius XM channel turns on and the LED lights alternate colors to set up a more playful mood.

Create a Luxury Wake-Up Call

Wake up like a champ every morning. Have a “Good Morning” scene designed to create the perfect start to your day. Shades rise to let in the sunlight as music begins playing through your home AV system. The thermostat also goes up, so it's less jarring to get out of your cozy bed.

Don’t Miss a Second of the Action

Living on the West Coast can be a nightmare for sports fans, with East Coast games starting just as you're leaving work. Schedule your televisions to turn on to ESPN as soon as you open your garage door so you can start following the action as soon you’re inside. Watch in your media room or even in your bathroom’s mirror TV if you need to make a quick pit stop.

Let Your Home Be Your Butler

You’ve just settled in on the couch after a long day at work when the doorbell rings. An alert plays through your in-ceiling speakers letting you know someone’s at the door. From your smartphone, tablet, or touchpad see who’s there, communicate with them and unlock the door to let them in.

A Personalized Entrance for All

You can have “Welcome” scenes assigned to each family member through their unique access codes or keycards. Depending on who comes home, televisions turn to different channels, the volume adjusts to their preferences, and the temperature is set just the way they like it.

Design the Perfect Workout

We know it can be a little hard to get motivated for your daily workout; don’t worry your smart home has your back! Design the perfect workout, from the motivational playlist down to the right temperature, and save it into your system. Then pull it up when needed at the press of a button, so you don't lose motivation trying to set everything up. 

Upgrade to a home custom-designed to meet your needs. Lavish Automation can install a home automation system that works efficiently and reliably.

Are you ready to embrace smart home technology? Contact us

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