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Commercial Technology


Elevate your organization's potential with advanced audio and video technologies tailored for growth.


Whether it's a corporate setting or an educational institution, cutting-edge technology boosts your efficiency and enriches the user experience. Delve into the limitless possibilities below.

Harness technology effortlessly with a centralized hub, streamlining daily operations.
Optimize performance with remote equipment racks and top-notch automation tools.

Enhance natural lighting in your Sonoma County, CA area property while effectively managing heat and safeguarding against UV damage with commercial window shades.

Deploy high-definition cameras with versatile storage options to bolster security.

Ensure uniform, high-quality sound across your facility using user-friendly controls with a commercial audio system in your Santa Rosa, CA area business.

Boost staff morale and achieve cost efficiency with intuitive lighting solutions.

Executive Conference Room

Engage seamlessly with your leadership using collaborative tech, ensuring pristine audio, video, office networking, and environmental adaptability in your Sonoma County, CA area office.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Integrated Room Control · Presentation Technology · Hidden Audio Video · Motorized Window Treatments · Video Conferencing · Office Networking
conference room with dark walls and blue chairs, logitech technology

Motorized Window Treatments

Command every window treatment in an instant for controlled natural lighting, temperature regulation and furnishing protection from damaging UV rays.

Video Conferencing

Lead more collaborative meetings with interactive on-premise or web-based video conferencing solutions that reliably connect remotely located staff and clients with your in-house team.

Presentation Technology

Captivate your staff and clients with a high-performance 4K multimedia switching of local and remote sources outputted to displays and projection systems optimized for clarity.

Restaurant / Bar

Curate a sublime dining ambiance, letting automated transitions manage lights, shades, temperature, and multimedia.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Distributed Audio · Distributed Video · Video Displays · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · LED Lighting · Wi-Fi

commercial restaurant with led lightings and open windows

Distributed Audio

Effortlessly control the audio in every zone of your restaurant from one centralized touch screen to provide seamless listening enjoyment for your patrons.

HVAC Control

Automate your climate control system to effectively manage humidity, temperature and air quality for a comfortable and healthy environment for your patrons.

LED Lighting

Transform the ambiance in an instant or with smooth transitions with striking LED lighting fixtures and strip lighting that change in color and intensity via scheduled routines.

Training Spaces

Foster an engaging learning ecosystem with scalable collaborative tools and effortless integrated room management.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Integrated Room Control · Presentation Technology · Motorized Window Treatments · Interactive Whiteboards · Video Conferencing · Motion Sensors

zoom room in training space

Motorized Window Treatments

Maintain a comfortable learning environment for trainees and staff with automated solar shades that block out heat and sun glare while still enabling natural light to brighten the room.

Presentation Technology

Lead effective and engaging training sessions with easy and intuitive to operate room and multimedia control perfectly calibrated for a maximized viewing and listening experience.

Video Conferencing

Include and collaborate with remotely located staff and trainees in real time with an interactive, scalable video conferencing system.

Hotel / Hospitality

Offer guests an unparalleled journey, from their first step into your premises through the common areas to their suites.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · Hidden Audio Video · Entry Systems/Access Control · Smart Building Technology · Wi-Fi · Lighted Mirrors

hotel lobby station with led strip lighting

Lighting Control

Create a welcoming environment when guests arrive with dynamic scenes that brighten and dim throughout the day on your command or on a preset schedule.

Entry Systems/Access Control

Lock down entries to lodging, gyms and more after a certain hour and implement an access control system for authorized guests with a PIN or key card only.


Guarantee fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your property with optimized accent point placement, robust firewall protection and separate networks for guests and staff.


Evoke excitement and facilitate smooth transactions with centralized controls over lighting, dynamic displays, sound systems, and more.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · Hidden Audio Video · Distributed Video · Surveillance · Facial Detection · Access Control

retail space with lighting and spa technology


Analyze traffic patterns throughout your store to determine any inefficient shopping areas or foot congestion. Remotely monitor live or recorded footage for loiterers, intruders and vandals.

Lighting Control

Visually enhance your displays and merchandise with strategic, dynamic lighting for striking designs that draw the eyes to sales items and new products.

Distributed Audio

Give your brand a voice and increase add-on sales with strategically selected soundtracks that lift the spirits of your shoppers from the sales floor to the fitting room.

Medical / Dental

Foster a serene atmosphere for patients while streamlining staff interactions with all-encompassing building controls, including ambient lighting, shades, and immersive audio.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Distributed Audio · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · Access Control · Wi-Fi

Motorized Window Treatments

Take advantage of daylighting with automated solar screen shades that let in natural light for a pleasant environment while decreasing glare on medical equipment and display screens.

Distributed Audio

Craft a delightful environment for patients and visitors with centralized control of your media sources that connect effortlessly to any zone.


Gain a competitive advantage over other practices by providing reliable wi-fi access for your visitors and patients while they wait or recover.

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