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Home Theater

Step into your personal cinematic paradise, featuring unparalleled visuals, enveloping audio, dynamic ambiance, plush seating, and effortless control. Experience a viewing pleasure in your home theater that surpasses any commercial theater, all from the comfort of your Santa Rosa, CA, home.

Home Theater Components

Projector Screen

The screen is as pivotal tohome theater design as the projector itself. It's meticulously chosen based on room dimensions, seating arrangements, and ceiling height. Ambient light and projector output influence the screen's reflectivity. Whether you need a permanent or retractable screen, we ensure it's perfect for your Sonoma Countyhome theater system. We handle the technicalities; you relish the cinematic brilliance.

Digital Projector

Recreate the grandeur of commercial theaters in your private Sonoma County space with our top-tier full HD and native 4K projectors. Witness unparalleled color precision and clarity on perfectly sized screens. Modern technology guarantees brilliant brightness and the highest contrast ratios, offering unparalleled movie, TV, sports, and gaming experiences. Projector costs can vary from $2,000 to over $75,000, influenced by lenses, light generation, video processing, and build quality. At Lavish, we collaborate with clients to select the ideal hardware fitting their space and budget.

Theater Seating

Your home theater is a sanctuary for hours of entertainment. Prioritize seating that offers both comfort and optimal viewing. Our premium theater seats, ranging from plush recliners to modular sectionals, are ergonomically crafted for unmatched support. We customize to your desires, whether you envision intimate settings or grand multi-tiered arrangements.

Acoustic Treatment

Achieving impeccable sound isn't just about the speakers. Our expertly placed acoustic treatments are vital for the perfect auditory experience in your home theater system. These treatments counteract distortions and ensure balanced sound, offering clarity in every note. Whether you prefer visible design-enhancing treatments or subtle ones, they're essential for top-tier audio.


The heart of an immersive home theater lies in its speaker system. Beyond the traditional stereo, our multi-channel surround sound envelops you from every direction, crafting a 3D soundscape that elevates movies and games. Opt for concealed in-wall speakers, prominent floor-standing ones, or a blend, all meticulously installed and tuned for director-intended audio.

LED Lighting

Illuminate your Santa Rosa home theater with our versatile LED lighting. Personalize with color-changing strips beneath seats, in alcoves, or highlighting your display. Integrate dimmable LEDs for ambient warmth and adorn walls with elegant sconces. As you dive into a movie, our lights dim seamlessly, enhancing the cinematic mood.

Professional Installation

Home theater designand installation is an intricate art. Many of our patrons in Santa Rosa, CA, collaborate with their interior designers for choices like fabrics, seating, and lighting. If you're without a designer, Lavish has got you. Our seasoned professionals inSonoma County custom-design every space, considering room specifics, budgets, and client aspirations. We ensure impeccable installation and calibration, promising years of unparalleled in-home entertainment.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

"If you like personalized service this is your place. Tony at Lavish took a couple hours showing me all of the gear I wanted to listen to and never made me feel rushed. Steven also gave me some great insight into the speakers I liked the most. In the end I got exactly what I wanted. Great place and great people working there. Highly recommended!"

In collaboration with your trusted interior designers, we guarantee a result that pays attention to every minute detail.
Experience the magic of cinema without the clutter of cables and intrusive equipment.

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