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High Performance Subwoofers

When you’re in search of a high-performance subwoofer for your home theater or sound system, look no further than JL Audio. Known for unique engineering and superior sound quality, JL Audio equipment is truly made by audiophiles, for audiophiles. If you’ve been looking for JL subwoofers in Santa Rosa, stop into the Lavish showroom. We carry several different models, including the Fathom V2, E-Sub, and Dominion – as well as JLink products.

A common question people have is, “do I really need a subwoofer?” While you may already have great speakers, a subwoofer will significantly add to the sound. Subwoofers are dedicated low-frequency speakers; they produce a deep, rumbling bass that you can feel in your chest. If you’re setting up a home theater system, a subwoofer will greatly enhance your immersive cinematic experience. Subwoofers can also help solve problems with speaker placement and provide your JL home theater or two-channel stereo system with a fuller, richer sound.

JL Audio - Fathom v2 & E-Sub

The Fathom v2 is a powerful, dynamic subwoofer with exceptional drivers that allow for very high output while keeping distortion below audible thresholds. It features a compact and attractive design that looks great alongside any stereo or home theater system. With JL Audio’s exclusive Digital Automatic Room Optimization, sound quality and performance is smooth, even in the most acoustically-challenged rooms. The Fathom also has front mounted controls that make set-up and adjustments a breeze.

The E-Sub is a subwoofer that features compact design, exceptional sound quality, power, and value. Able to handle even the most challenging audio, it’s the perfect subwoofer for a wide range of applications, including full home theater systems, two-channel music systems, and even desktop audio. Dominion JL subwoofers combine JL Audio’s expertise in driver and amplifier design with a more compact and affordable subwoofer for those with space limitations. They can be used for a variety of applications, including full home theater systems, media rooms, dedicated two-channel music systems, desktop audio, and small recording studios.

When you’re looking for the best audio and video equipment in the North Bay, stop into the Lavish showroom. We carry everything from high-fidelity audio equipment, speakers, and subwoofers to screens, receivers, and accessories. Contact us today at 707-595-2020 or stop by our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa!