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kef speaker santa rosa

Get yourself a legendary KEF speaker right here in Santa Rosa at Lavish Automation. This phenomenal U.K. loudspeaker company has been known for their quality high-end speakers for years, and when you experience them for yourself, it’s easy to see why KEF Audio is known for performance. We’re currently offering a variety of KEF speakers for sale right here in our showroom and we’re always happy to put together a custom system setup to showcase the capability of all our favorite hi-fi brands. All you have to do is come see us and ask!

A few of the KEF products and accessories we carry:

  • KEF Blade
  • KEF Reference
  • KEF R series
  • KEF Q Series
  • KEF Speakers
  • KEF Subwoofer
  • KEF Speakers Q55
  • KEF Speakers LS50
  • KEF Audio LFX
  • KEF Audio Egg
  • And more!

We particularly respect the KEF Speakers Q series because it’s taken decades of sound engineering experience and distilled it into a truly remarkable series of equipment. KEF Audio is dedicated to creating speakers that offer natural, high-resolution sound that make you feel like you’re in the room where it happened, as it were. Audiophiles and casual listeners alike can’t help but be drawn into the quality craftsmanship evident in any equipment that produces such great sound, and this series has that in spades. It’s award-winning and one of their most popular lines, with good reason. It’s easy enough to hear the difference a KEF speaker can make when you hear it in our demo room at the Santa Rosa location.

There are speakers available for every budget, system, and location in your home, including speaker grilles, bookshelf speakers, floorstanding speakers, center channel speakers, modules, and more. They’re ideal for a music room, a home theater, or for equipping your entire home with superior music-playing capability. There’s no denying that Great Britain is the center of the hi-fi revolution and always has been, which is exactly why we brought these products across the pond and proudly offer them in store.

Don’t take our word for it. Come here a KEF speaker yourself right here in Santa Rosa. In our demo room, we can set you up with any equipment you’d like to sample so you can get the full picture before you purchase. Call 707-595-2020 to make an appointment with us today!