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larsen speakers santa rosa

Lavish Automation is proud to carry Larsen speakers at our Santa Rosa showroom. Come on in to see and hear them in action! All you have to do is stop by and ask us to show you a demonstration in our customizable demo room. Larsen Audio is a Swedish company best known for creating high-end loudspeakers and audio equipment that would make any audiophile’s entire year. Lavish is Northern California’s exclusive dealer for Larsen equipment, which means we’re the only place throughout the north of the state where you can find a Larsen amplifier, speaker, or other equipment.

A distinguishing feature of Larsen speakers and one of the reasons we choose to keep the for demonstration in our Santa Rosa showroom is their design – they’re made to sit flush against a wall. This is different from other similar quality speakers, which are made to work best away from walls, which unfortunately can mess with the flow of your space. Larsen Audio uses technology that crafts three-dimensional sound that moves with the listener, as well as compact sizes that take up less space while maintaining the sort of high-fidelity sound that true music lovers seek. Many of our top clients snap these speakers and amplifiers up as soon as we have them in stock thanks to their sterling reputation and truly exceptional sound quality. These are speakers that will bring you as close to the live recording as you can possibly get, making you feel as if the musicians are right there in the room with you performing a private concert. After a long day on the job, this is the sort of relaxation and immersion you deserve. If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to get lost in the music, this is absolutely a brand to pay attention to.

You can find Larsen speakers and much more at Lavish Hi-Fi in Santa Rosa. We carry everything you need to create an exemplary music room, dedicated home theater, complete house-wide sound system, and much more. In addition to our extensive catalog of high-quality audio and visual equipment, we also offer complimentary classes for our customers to help them learn the necessary skills to tune their equipment themselves, among other topics. You can call on us anytime at 707-595-2020. We’re here to answer all your questions!