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Lutron Lighting Santa Rosa CA

Lutron lighting systems offer smart solutions for any Santa Rosa CA home. Your lighting acts as the foundation for your smart home system, giving you complete control over the lighting in every room of your house. Lutron home control for your interior is flexible enough to suit any size home or budget. On top of that, the lights look beautiful. The system is totally scalable, starting with support for up to 50 devices throughout the home and going up to 200 devices, or even up to 10,000 devices for large workspaces. Lutron Homeworks QS integrates well with all your favorite brands for a unique smart home that’s truly yours.

Smart homes are the homes of the future – the stuff of science fiction movies that have finally arrived in the real world. From a wireless device, smart phone, or even voice commands, you can adjust your home to your liking from a single centralized computer system. Lighting, audio, security, locks, appliances and more can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world. Lutron lighting systems are an excellent place to start that process for Santa Rosa residents looking to upgrade their homes. With the touch of a button, you can set your lighting to suit the time of day. You’ll no longer have to deal with switches and dimmers at all. Simply select a room in your home from your Lutron home control app or device and set it to whatever you like. The systems can be programmed with your preferences so that you can easily change the light to suit the situation, whether you’re having a nice family meal or getting ready to throw a Super Bowl party. Once you have a lighting system in place, you can also look into incorporating other smart systems into your home, like audio throughout the house or appliance notifications. You may even want to consider a security system and smart locks.

We’re happy to discuss options with you over the phone, via email, or in person when you come into our showroom. If you’d like to see Lutron lighting examples in action, make an appointment and come see us at our Santa Rosa store. You’ll be amazed at what smart home lighting will do for your space!