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magnepan santa rosa

Magnepan has been manufacturing innovative, world class stereo speakers for 47 years. Jim Winey, the inventor of the Magneplanar loudspeaker, first owned electrostatic loudspeakers and began experimenting to design an improved electrostatic speaker. In 1969, Jim invented the Magneplanar, a thin-film magnetic equivalent to the electrostat and founded Magnepan. Corporate and manufacturing facilities are located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, a small community north of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Having outgrown its original facilities, Magnepan’s current plant is over 50,000 square feet in addition to corporate and engineering offices. To date, over 200,000 pairs of Magneplanar loudspeakers have found their way into the homes of music lovers the world over. Magneplanars are American-made with virtually all American parts. And we are proud to say — “Made in America. Sold in China.”

Lavish proudly adds this iconic brand to our curated mix. The technical advantages and performance/value proposition is unmatched. The showroom will be featuring, 20.7, 3.7,1.7 and 0.7 models for audition.
Full-range planar (electrostatic or ribbon) speakers have a reputation with audiophiles for uncanny bass and midbass accuracy. There are practical considerations that preclude the widespread use of planar technology for bass and midbass reproduction, but these large and expensive full-range dipoles can reproduce the correct timbre of an acoustical bass instrument that is smeared with conventional woofers in hybrid designs.

A full-range planar speaker can reproduce the lower register of a piano with the same resolution as the midrange. There is no sense of a woofer altering the sound of a piano. To put it another way, a woofer in a box has a characteristic sound that puts its “signature” on all bass instruments. It may not matter when listening to electronic bass instruments, but once you have heard acoustical bass instruments reproduced on a full-range dipole, it’s hard to forget! The Magneplanar is the only full-range dipole that offers bass and midbass definition at a reasonable price, size, and reliability never before achieved from any other full-range dipole. Have you carefully listened to the bass? We are hoping you will. Once a listener develops an appreciation for dipole sound, few go back to conventional dynamic speakers.

Stop by our Santa Rosa showroom to learn more about Magnepan. Our audio experts are happy to answer any questions you have.