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Mcintosh Home Theater Systems Santa Rosa CA

Installing McIntosh home theater systems in Santa Rosa CA homes is one of the many things Lavish Automation excels at. We’re an independent automation and home theater installation company that works with the latest technology to create custom smart home solutions for our customers. Every home is unique, which means our approach for every house and budget must also be unique. We love the McIntosh audio system because it offers so many options and flexibility to work in any space. McIntosh home audio systems work in small multi-purpose spaces just as well as it works in large, dedicated home theater rooms.

For true film lovers, the hunt for the perfect home theater includes balancing sound, picture, and acoustics to create the perfect immersive space. When you want to experience a movie the same way you experience it in a theater, you need precision and experience to choose the best system for the space. McIntosh home theater systems are our choice for a lot of our Santa Rosa customers specifically because they’re so versatile. These are complete, multi-part systems that balance surround sound and crystal-clear sound so that you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action, or right next to a character whispering a secret. A McIntosh audio system is not only known for its fine craftsmanship, but also for the special place it holds in pop culture history. McIntosh systems brought Americans presidential inauguration speeches and the iconic “Wall of Sound” from Woodstock. You can have that same level of quality in your home.

All of the McIntosh home theater systems we install for our Santa Rosa customers can be customized to suit your space, so don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation or visit our showroom on 4th Street to see examples of our work. Beyond home theater and sound systems, we also install smart home automation, commercial communication systems, security systems, and more.