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Mcintosh Home Theater Systems Windsor CA

McIntosh home theater systems are some of our favorite to install in Windsor CA homes because they’re high-quality, reliable, and offer superior sound. McIntosh was originally founded in 1949 and they’ve been providing awesome home audio systems for decades, from two-channel stereo sound to multi-channel home theaters. When you choose a McIntosh audio system, you’re choosing quality for your home.

Customizable Mcintosh Audio System

A typical McIntosh home audio system already offers every standard stereo experience a true audiophile could want. These are systems for people who want to live their music and enjoy exquisite surround sound. The offer a full range of equipment, from amplifiers of all kinds to receivers, media streamers, audiovisual processers, Blu-ray players, speakers, and much more. Classic music lovers can even include CD players and turntables so that they can enjoy their entire collection anytime. McIntosh home theater systems are completely customizable, a fact that our Windsor customers enjoy while setting up their home cinema. Get the full impact of every action movie, dramatic moment, or live sports event with systems build for your needs and your space. Part of our process when planning out a McIntosh audio system is reviewing the space and helping you figure out how to maximize the acoustics, whether than includes surround sound or even installing acoustic materials, which our contractors can do as well. Combined with wireless speakers, your system can be networked in every room of your home, improving your ability to entertain and giving you even more control over what you listen to and where.

If you’re interested in McIntosh home theater systems for your Windsor home, you can trust Lavish Automation to do great work for you. We have an office in Healdsburg and a showroom in Santa Rosa, making us a perfect company to serve Windsor. We also offer home automation options, including surveillance cameras, security systems, lighting and shade automation, and more. Give our team a call at 707-433-9199 to set up an appointment today.