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mobile fidelity santa rosa

In the late 1970s, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab began remastering albums released by other companies using a process called half-speed mastering, transferring sound from magnetic tape to disc while the cutting lathe moves at half speed. This process is time consuming and technically difficult, which is why it has never caught on with the mainstream. However, this labor-intensive remastering results in a higher quality sound with less of the pops, clicks, hissing, and surface noise that can be heard on many vinyl recordings.

In the 1980s, Mobile Fidelity produced a box set of recordings by the Beatles. This special release included all 12 original Britishversions of their albums, mastered from the original Abbey Road Studios master tapes. Not only is the sound incredible on these recordings, but the circumstances are as well; this project was the first and only time The Beatles master tapes had ever left Abbey Road Studios.

The Best-Sounding Records on the Market


Today, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab continues its tradition of innovation and commitment to unparalleled quality, producing some of the best-sounding records on the market. They’ve worked tirelessly to secure the rights to original master recordings of classic albums and artists across genres and decades, expanding their catalog to include limited runs of hundreds of reputable titles. MoFi believes in making music sound its very best, regardless of the cost or time required.

Whether you’re new to vinyl or expanding your collection, you’ll hear the difference when you spin a MoFi record. Lavish offers the largest selection of Mobile Fidelity vinyl in Santa Rosa. Stop by our showroom to browse available titles, have a listen, or explore our selection of world-class record players, phono cartridges, record cleaning kits, and accessories. Our service department can even repair or fine-tune your turntable, or replace an old needle or belt. No matter your budget or tastes, we’re here to help you get the most from your music.