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nad audio santa rosa

Want to see NAD Audio in action in the Santa Rosa area before you pick up new equipment? Visit the Lavish showroom and let us show you what NAD Electronic can do. Here’s a fact you should know: NAD has won the most awards of any other company providing hi-fi stereo equipment on the market. If that isn’t enough to catch your attention, you should really come test out its capabilities for yourself. At Lavish, we feature the NAD audio receiver, NAD amps, and much more.

Among the products we offer on-site or can order in for our clients are:

  • NAD electronics c326be
  • NAD electronics t758
  • NAD electronics d 3020
  • NAD electronics 7220pe
  • NAD amplifier c356bee
  • NAD amplifier 326bee
  • NAD amplifier 3130
  • NAD amplifier c 388
  • NAD amplifier c328
  • NAD BluOS Streaming Amplifier M10
  • NAD AV Surround Sound Preamp Processor M17
  • NAD Phone Preamp PP2e

Originally founded as an alternative to mass market products that require consumers to pay more to access better quality, NAD Electronics began its existence in the 1970s with the goal of providing high-value hi-fi with a focus on quality over bells and whistles. Rather than spending unnecessarily on needless false cosmetic appeal or one-note bits and bobs, NAD uses a clean industrial design that has become the classic aesthetic in high-end audio systems. By focusing on ease of use and excellent quality of sound, NAD Audio excels far beyond many of its competitors and we’re proud to feature them in our Santa Rosa showroom. We’re happy to show off this exemplary sound equipment on its own or paired with other components for a custom sound – all you have to do is ask and we can set you up in one of our demo rooms to hear the difference for yourself. As one of the most beloved hi-fi equipment providers in the world, NAD is sure to impress.

Visit us now to get an in-person look at what sets NAD Audio apart. You’re always welcome to visit our showroom on 4th Street in Downtown Santa Rosa. Give us a call at 707-595-2020 anytime to set up a demonstration of the equipment you’d like to see. We look forward to helping you create your own music paradise!