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panamax santa rosa

Panamax has been the top provider of innovative power management products since 1975. Widely recognized for its quality surge protection equipment, Panamax has developed award-winning products that offer cutting-edge solutions to protect and enhance the performance of your electronics.

Panamax products give your AV systems noise-free power, allowing you to hear your audio the way it was meant to sound. Panamax also offers the added benefit of protection from harm caused by power surges or lightning. Featuring automatic voltage monitoring, Panamax products protect your equipment from damage or component degradation caused by power fluctuations. The circuit will automatically disconnect if the voltage detected is below or above the safe threshold.

All Panamax Power Management protection products include thermal fuses, high capacity MOVs, and their exclusive Protect-or-Disconnect technology. Unwanted noise is filtered out using proprietary filtration circuits and LiFT Linear Filtration Technology to ensure crystal clear sound. Panamax products also feature:

  • isolated outlet banks
  • USB charging
  • a cloud-based remote interface
  • voltage regulation in select products

If you’d like to learn more about Panamax or see what we have in stock, visit us at our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa. Our audio experts can answer your questions and help you select a power management device that suits your needs.