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parasound santa rosa

Parasound is known for producing high-performance audio equipment that provides lasting value for any budget. The company’s uncompromising dedication to quality and strict quality assurance standards have made it a true giant in the industry. Although Parasound doesn’t have a “pro-line” specific to industry insiders, it’s a frequent choice of entertainment professionals. Parasound equipment is frequently found in professional mixing environments as well as consumer homes. Their long customer list includes prominent names like Pixar, Sony Pictures, Lucasfilm, and Warner Brothers.

Part of what’s contributed to Parasound’s success is their exceptionally engineered amplifiers. They’re direct-coupled, allowing them to pass an audio signal without the need for capacitors in the signal path, reducing the harmful effects that can damage loudspeakers. Direct-coupled amplifiers also have an excellent frequency response, as well as the ability to amplify very low-frequency signals down to zero. Parasound offers a variety of amplifiers to choose from, including stereo, mono, multi-channel, and integrated amplifiers. They also have several models of preamplifiers as well as a preamplifier with DAC. All Parasound equipment reflects the brand’s high standards and customer-centric dedication to value. Their Halo line, in particular, has earned an unprecedented number of accolades from the top critics in the AV industry.

If you’d like to have a listen or learn more about Parasound equipment, visit our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa. Our audio experts are available to answer your questions and help you build the perfect sound system for your needs and budget.