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private home theater installation novato ca

If you’ve always wanted a private home theater installation for your Novato CA home but have never been quite sure where to go, you’ve found your destination. At Lavish Automation, our expert advisors have years of experience in audiovisual setup and installation and will be able to help you create the private home cinema you’ve been imagining for so wrong. One visit to our showroom will show you that we know exactly what we’re doing and have the creativity and ingenuity to pull it off.

private home theater installation novato ca

With today’s technology, your options are nearly endless. Regardless of your needs, your space, or your budget, there’s something that will work with you. We not only provide private home theater installation to Novato homeowners, we also carry all the technology, equipment, and accessories you’ll need to create your ideal entertainment space. For some, a private home cinema is a place to escape and feel transported somewhere else for a few hours. For others, it’s the ideal opportunity to become the biggest Super Bowl Party house on the block. Whatever your goals, we’d first like to invite you to come view our showroom and see everything on offer. From professional-grade projectors and theater seating to a simpler, but still effective, living room setup, you’ll find something that works for your home. If needed, our team can do a walkthrough of your home to determine whether you’d be better served with additional acoustic material installed or a more effective sound system, which we can also provide. By the time we’re finished, you’ll be amazed at what your system can do.


Enjoy personalized sound profiles that you can change with the touch of a button to suit whatever you’re watching, whether it’s a nature show, a cooking competition, an action movie, or the big game. With the right equipment, you’ll sound like you’re right next to the action each and every time.

Contact Lavish today at 707-595-2020 to discuss your options for private home theater installation in the Novato area. We look forward to hearing from