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rega research santa rosa

Rega Research is a UK based company widely known for world-class turntables and award-winning amplification. Rega equipment offers stellar sound performance, quality handcrafted components, and attractive aesthetics. We have a wide variety of Rega products for sale at our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa, including turntables, cartridges, turntable belts and accessories, amplifiers, CD players and DACs all available for you to demo.

Rega Research products are high-quality, high value, and offer exceptional musicality, derived from a design philosophy rejecting the idea that “heavier is better.” Rega equipment is lightweight yet sturdy and their simple, elegant designs look great in any sound system.

High-End, Affordable Turn-Tables

Rega Turntables

If you’ve been searching for the best high-end, mid-range budget turntables, the Planar 2, Planar 3, and Planar 6 certainly make the list. The Planar 2 has groundbreaking features such as a low noise motor, acrylic laminated plinth, a newly designed central bearing, and more. The Planar 6 uses advanced materials and unique engineering to offer the best possible performance. It’s constructed using an ultra-lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core plinth which is a material that was developed for the aerospace industry. Every feature of these innovative turntables is designed for true vinyl lovers, and precision-built to extract the maximum amount of sound information and detail from your vinyl collection.

Lavish offers the widest selection of Rega products in the North Bay. From high fidelity audio and speakers to video equipment, cabling, furniture, and more, we have everything you need to design the system you’ve always wanted. Have questions? (make this link to online contact form.) Stop by our Santa Rosa showroom or give us a call at 707-595-2020.