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roon labs santa rosa

Have you been looking into Roon? Roon offers the most compelling way to play music in your home, compiling all your music into a single digital library that can be used to play music on multiple devices. Roon provides a wealth of information about artists, albums and entire musical genres in a world-class user interface. With Roon, you can seamlessly explore your own music library and the extensive catalogs of popular streaming services like Tidal & Qobuz, in addition to a ton of free online content.

Roon can be used in a single room or in as many as you like – even outdoors. "Roon-Ready" and "Roon Compatible" music players are available from many brands at a wide range of performance levels.

Created by audiophiles who know and love music, Roon Labs has engineered a system which works for everyone. At the Lavish Showroom in Santa Rosa, you can see and hear the Roon Labs Nucleus.The Roon Labs Nucleus isn’t just a music server. It is a marriage of music and technology. It acts as a source and a player for a high-performance playback system. The audio experts from Roon joined forces with the computing professionals at Intel to ensure that Nucleus has the power necessary for multi-room streaming, digital signal processing (DSP), and large music libraries.

Roon Labs is available exclusively in Santa Rosa at the Lavish Showroom. To learn more, stop by the showroom or give us a call at (707) 595-2020. Our experts are always happy to answer your questions or arrange a demo.