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ryan speakers santa rosa

State of the Art Performance

If you’re an audiophile searching for loudspeakers that offer the ultimate sonic perfection without breaking the bank, look no further than Ryan Speakers. Handcrafted in Riverside, California, these speakers deliver an unmatched level of sound performance for casual and active listeners alike. All the components are carefully selected, with many high-quality components being unique to Ryan Speakers, allowing them to provide state-of-the-art performance and surprisingly outstanding value. If you’ve been wondering where to find Ryan Speakers for sale, stop into the Lavish showroom in downtown Santa Rosa. Our experts are always happy to answer your questions or provide a demonstration.

Ryan Speakers are internationally recognized for their coherent, balanced sound and exceptional value. Their speakers are all assembled in-house at their Riverside facility, and use extensive internal bracing, which reduces panel resonance that can cause sound colorations. Their crossovers are exceptional and make these speakers truly stand out – particularly for their price range. All crossovers are evaluated in anechoic and real room environments to make sure they meet the Ryan brothers’ sound accuracy and coherence standards. All Ryan crossovers feature air core inductors, high-quality capacitors, and point to point wiring that provides maximum signal integrity.

Ryan Speakers - R610 & R620 Series

The R610 is a 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker crafted from the finest materials and offers smooth, sleek aesthetics. The exterior enclosure is wrapped in real wood veneers, and hand finished to produce a speaker that looks as great as it sounds. The crossovers used in this speaker allow it to produce clear, accurate sound, even in less than ideal acoustic spaces. The Ryan R620 is a 2.5-way floor standing loudspeaker that offers the same attractive appearance while offering unbelievably true-to-life sound. Like the R610, every component is hand-selected to minimize distortion and coloration, producing sound exactly as the artist intended.

When you’re searching for Ryan speakers for sale in Santa Rosa, Lavish is your local resource. As the area’s leading AV experts, we offer only the highest quality and most reliable HiFi audio equipment, AV furniture, headphones, home automation technology, and more. Stop by our showroom for a demo or give us a call at 707-595-2020 to discuss your audio, video, or home automation needs!