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screen innovations santa rosa

Screen Innovations was born in 2003 in the garage of founder Ryan Gustafson, who’d become frustrated with the lack of quality and innovation available in the screen market. His solution was to design his own. Since Screen Innovations was established, they’ve put a strong focus on developing revolutionary products of exceptional quality.

Most projection screens are affected by a room’s ambient light, making your room choice a strong consideration. Screen Innovations Projection Screens use advanced screen technology that delivers outstanding HD images regardless of the ambient light in the room. This allows you to use your projector for day to day viewing in rooms that would typically be too bright for other screens. The picture quality remains clear, even in rooms that get direct sunlight. Screen Innovations projection screens look equally stunning in low-light and dark rooms. Screen Innovations produces a full range of front and rear projection screens from entry-level to high-end. All their screens are hand-made in Austin, Texas, and come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

If you’d like to see one for yourself, stop by our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa. Our team of audio experts would be happy to give you a demo in our state-of-the-art theater and answer all your questions.