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seura santa rosa

We love featuring Seura in our Santa Rosa showroom because they truly understand the idea of harmonizing between technology and design to create products that are as beautiful as they are functional. This is the type of technology you can imagine seeing in futuristic films – SMART mirrors that show you your day’s details as you get ready in the morning, a waterproof Seura TV in your shower, and even a mirror above your fireplace that doubles as a television. You can even enjoy this technology outside by the pool with a fully weatherproof Seura Outdoor TV.

When we say this manufacturer knows how to blend design and technology, we mean that their products can function seamlessly in nearly any home and design aesthetic, from the minimal to the elaborate. Seura products are made to become attractive fixtures in your Santa Rosa home wherever you need and want them, from a small television in your kitchen to a large Seura TV in your outdoor pool house. They don’t just look beautiful – they function well enough to serve in any capacity, with complete weatherproofing for outdoor televisions or waterproofing for indoor TVs. The SMART mirrors can incorporate televisions, streaming data, and even lighting that will illuminate your entire bathroom without the need for additional fixtures.

Create the ultimate SMART Home with Seura

Our team of expert home entertainment designers and installers loves working with products like these because it gives us the freedom to create a system that works for our clients completely, regardless of their style or environment. If you’ve always dreamed of having your entertainment hidden in plain view so that you can maintain your home’s aesthetic, Seura is the perfect match for your Santa Rosa house. Create the ultimate SMART home with functional access to all of your favorite informational streams no matter where you are and enjoy never having to miss a moment of your favorite news program or show, even while you make dinner.

Our team would love to discuss your options with you. For a full list of the products we have in our showroom or can order in for your home, please visit us in downtown Santa Rosa. We’re also available by phone at 707-595-2020 if you have questions.