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Sonos Home Theater Santa Rosa CA

A Sonos home theater is the choice of music lovers in Santa Rosa CA! Anyone with a Sonos wireless speaker can tell you that it’s a fantastic system for full-home audio, with different sizes and options available for any room of the house. Every one can operate independently, giving you a wealth of options for enjoying music and entertaining. The Sonos home theater set up builds upon their audio system with a Playbase or Playbar that give you widescreen, 3-channel sound so you can enjoy movies, video games, and television shows even more.

This versatile system can be installed one piece at a time, or you can bring in the entire system all at once. It’s up to you! Build up over time or as you move to a bigger space if you’d like, or go full-swing right out of the gate. The system works around the Playbar, but a sub-woofer and additional surround sound speakers can be added at any time. The Sonos home theater in your Santa Rosa home is accessible from any of your smart devices, including your phones and tablets, so it’s super easy to adjust volume or choose where the sound will play. Everything syncs wirelessly, giving you complete freedom. You can not only watch movies and television, you can also stream music through the Playbar, as well, giving you one more powerful Sonos wireless speaker to use for virtually anything. Do people in another room want to be able to hear the game while they chat and get a snack? You can easily sync wireless speakers throughout your home to keep everyone updated. No more rushing around and potentially missing something big!

At Lavish Automation, we offer smart home automation to fulfill all your needs. From security to lighting to temperature control to audio, we’ve got you and your home fully covered. Our home theater installation is professional and quick, and we welcome you to come see examples of a Sonos home theater setup at our Santa Rosa showroom. Please call for an appointment or reach out via our contact page!