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Sonos is one of the most popular smart home audio systems on the market today. Founded in 2002, Sonos was inspired by a vision of technology that didn’t exist at the time: wireless devices that could bring music to every room in the home. At that time, wires hidden behind shelving were the closest thing to “wireless.”

While true wireless technology is common today, Sonos products continue to stand out for their exceptional sound quality and wireless signal reliability. Sonos wireless streaming systems work by connecting a single speaker to your home network and then adding additional units (up to a maximum of 32) around your house. The system then uses a dedicated secure wireless mesh network call Sonoset. This allows the system to receive a stronger, more robust signal that’s less prone to dropouts while streaming music. Sonos products are also popular because they offer easy setup, and the entire system can be controlled through a mobile app on your phone or tablet.

Sonos makes it easy to stream music from your own library or popular services like Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal, and even lets you choose which music you want playing on different speakers in the home at any time. Put an album on in the kitchen while a radio station plays outside and other rooms are quiet, or sync the whole house up to play the same music anywhere you go.

To more about Sonos systems, stop by our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa. Our team of audio experts are always happy to give you a demo and answer all your questions.


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