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Sonos Santa Rosa

Sonos Santa Rosa - Sonos Logo

Test out Sonos equipment in Santa Rosa and see it in action before you buy! At Lavish, we have a range of Sonos speakers and other equipment here in our showroom and will be happy to show you all the advantages of streaming music throughout your space. Since their inception, Sonos has set out to reinvent the way home audio worked in the digital age, and they’ve succeeded. They’re now one of the most popular home audio systems with components ranging from hubs and small speakers to the Sonos Soundbar for television.

These speaker systems remain consistently popular for a lot of reasons. They’re affordable, easily incorporate into any room in the home, and give a household access to all their streaming services for a totally customized experience. The entire system can play the same music throughout the home or each individual room can operate on its own, allowing you to listen to a podcast in one room while the kids listen to their favorite educational songs in the playroom. We can show you Sonos setups in our Santa Rosa warehouse that showcase the true versatility and power of the system, from streaming a live game in other rooms during a Super Bowl party to creating personalized playlists for every room of your home if you’re so inclined. Sonos speakers work with all the streaming music services you love, including Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Siruis XM Radio, and more – over 50 music services total. With newly introduced Beam and Sonos One technology, you can also use voice commands. Sonos links up with Alexa, allowing you more control and home automation than ever before. The possibilities are endless!

When you visit the Lavish showroom, you can request to see any of the Sonos products we currently have in stock at our Santa Rosa location. These include:

  • Sonos One
  • Play:1
  • Play:5
  • Beam
  • Playbar
  • Playbase
  • Sub
  • Amp and Connect:Amp
  • Connect
  • Occasional limited edition products

You’re always welcome to visit our showroom on 4th Street in Downtown Santa Rosa. Give us a call at 707-595-2020 anytime to set up a demonstration of the equipment you’d like to see. We look forward to helping you create your own music paradise!

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