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target audio santa rosa

Target Audio is a leading manufacturer of speaker stands focusing on high mass and high rigidity. Target’s stands are produced from 100% steel, making them substantially heavier than other stands on the market. Founded in 1981, Target Audio products are built with quality in mind. Target’s durable stands are built to last while allowing your speakers and components to perform their best.

The stands’ high mass allows them to essentially “couple” the speakers and audio equipment to the floor, allowing for the most accurate audio presentation. They’re also resistant to tipping or the bowing that can occur with heavier equipment. Target Audio stands include floor spikes, top spikes, pads, and rubber feet to prevent speakers and components from slipping or moving. These also help protect your floor from damage. Target Audio stands use environmentally friendly textured paint that comes in a stylish matte black finish. They’re easy to assemble and are backed by a 3-year warranty from the time of production.

We carry a variety of Target Audio speaker stands and accessories. Stop by the Lavish showroom in Santa Rosa to see what we have available. Our audio experts can advise you on the best stands for your needs and budget.