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Universal Remote Control Santa Rosa


Universal Remote Control was founded in 1991 and is widely recognized today as a global leader of device control. Specializing in innovative remote controls for use with home theater and automation systems, their quality products have earned a reputation for unsurpassed reliability, performance, and convenience.

Having to rely on a collection of remote controls to switch between devices can cause confusion and frustration. URC Complete Control remotes are designed to solve this issue. URC’s remotes make it easy to control your television, AV components, cable, and satellite boxes without having to shuffle between remotes. All functions are combined into a single, straightforward, and user-friendly package.

Function and Comfort

URC remotes feature a comfortable ergonomic design, backlit hard button keypads, and an attractive LCD display. Once programmed by our AV experts, they’re extremely intuitive to use. Even the most elaborate AV systems can be controlled with ease. If you’d like to learn more about Universal Remote Control products, visit our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa. Our experts are standing by to answer all your questions.

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