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vandersteen audio santa rosa

Built in California, Vandersteen Audio has been recognized and praised by music lovers for over 40 years. Richard Vandersteen combines tradition and quality craftsmanship with eye-catching design and an attention to detail immediately apparent when you audition the product. Richard also believes in value. Vandersteen speakers easily outperform their price point, making great sounding music more accessible to the public.

Vandersteen speakers routinely receive rave reviews for good reason. At HiFi shows the accolades are too numerous to list. The simple takeaway is that Vandersteen makes music more engaging and real with the kind of sound that never gets tiring. Their speakers pair brilliantly with several Lavish electronics brands, both tubed and solid state. Visit our showroom in downtown Santa Rosato learn more and have a listen. Our experts can help you design the right system for your needs, tastes and budget.