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Video Surveillance Installation Santa Rosa CA

Improve your personal security with video surveillance installation at your Santa Rosa CA home. For your safety and peace of mind, video systems can be easily integrated into your smart home system and accessed from anywhere from a mobile device.Smart home security systems can integrate alarms, video, remote access, door locks, lighting automation, motion detection, and more to ensure that your home is as secure as you can make it.

With the latest advancements in smart technology, security has moved to the next level. Not only is your alarm system now capable of detecting environmental hazards and notifying emergency services immediately, it’s never been easier to access video of the areas in and around your home. Video surveillance installation for Santa Rosa homes decreases the likelihood of a break-in or vandalism to the exterior of the property. Cameras make easy-to-spot crime deterrents and help you know what’s going on around you at all times. A system like this is capable of both live stream and digital recording so that you can play back and document anything happening in or around your home, as well as access it remotely from a smart phone, tablet, computer, or other mobile device. You can specialize your home security systems depending on what sort of surveillance you need, from covert cameras to long-range, pan-tilt-zoom, or nanny cams. When you incorporate this system into an existing smart computer system, a world of possibilities opens up. Check on the kids by the pool outside, check to see who’s at the door before you answer, and lock or unlock the doors at will from anywhere inside or outside your home.

At Lavish Automation, we specialize in audio, visual, and home security automation, giving you everything you need to feel more comfortable and secure in your home than ever before. If you’re interested in video surveillance installation for your Santa Rosa home or business, please call 707-433-9199 to make an appointment or come visit us at our showroom on 4th Street.