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yamaha santa rosa

Yamaha is one of the most renowned manufacturers of audio equipment in the world. Yamaha’s roots date back to 1887 when founder Torakusu Yamaha built his first reed organ. In 1954, Yamaha developed its first hi-fi audio player, marking the company’s segue into high-quality, innovative home electronics.

Yamaha electronics provide exceptionally rich, natural sound with modern features and functionality at an accessible price. Extremely reliable and easy to use, Yahama electronics are an excellent choice for casual listeners and AV enthusiasts alike. We carry a variety of Yamaha equipment at our showroom, including disc players, microsystems, and stereo receivers. The MCR-B043BL and MCR-B043WH microsystems provide full, dynamic sound despite their compact packages. Small enough to sit on a bookshelf or desk, Yamaha’s mini systems provide everything you need to play any music source. Both models support CDs, AM/FM radio, UBS sources, and Bluetooth connectivity. Each speaker features a 4 1/2-inch driver that’s capable of delivering rich bass, clear mid-range, and dazzling highs.

To experience the quality of Yamaha electronics yourself, visit our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa. Our team of audio experts can arrange a demo and answer any questions you have.