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Apple Home Automation Windsor CA

For homeowners who love sleek technology, Apple home automation may be a perfect fit for their Windsor CA home. The Apple smart home system, also known as HomeKit, features compatibility with iDevices like it iPad and iPhone, allowing users to control the various elements of their home from a single device. The elements range between alarms, sensors, temperature control, lights, switches, video cameras, and more, giving you a well-rounded base for home automation.

Apple Smart Home System: The Perfect Fit for your Home

Home automation offers you all sorts of conveniences and freedoms. It’s simple to set your lighting on a schedule and use your smart device to adjust the lighting to your preference with a single tap. Let your system know when you’re arriving home, when you’re leaving, and when you’d like some sweet mood lighting. It’ll set it just the way you like. Apple home automation is popular amongst our Windsor clients for its simplicity and elegant look, giving you all the bells and whistles you could ever want without harshing your minimalistic vibe. Indoor and outdoor cameras give you plenty of opportunity to observe your property or see who’s at the front door while an automated numerical locking system limits access to your home to those in your family and inner circle. You can customize your Apple smart home system to include temperature control and even appliance control thanks to the SmartPlug and wi-fi controlled switches. These systems work not only with Apple brand products, but incorporate other trusted brands as well, like Leviton, Eve, Honeywell, FIBARO, and more. All are uniquely capable of changing your home into the comfortable, convenient environment you’ve always wanted.

The future is now, and Apple has always been on the cutting edge of technology trends. Apple home automation is the way of the future and we look forward to installing these systems in more Windsor homes. You can contact our offices in Windsor and Santa Rosa with questions or come see us in the Santa Rosa showroom for examples of these systems in action. Call 707-433-9199 to make an appointment today.