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Lutron Lighting Windsor CA

Lavish Automation is proud to offer Lutron lighting to homeowners in Windsor CA as part of an overall automated home control system. We love working with Lutron products because they’re high-performance, reliable, and beautiful. A complete Lutron home control system will help you save energy, increase productivity, increase safety and security, and offer plenty of comfort and convenience. One of our favorite packages to work with is the Lutron HomeWorks Illumination system, which incorporates automation for lights and shades and can be integrated with your security and audiovisual systems, as well.

Make Life Easier with Lutron Home Control

Properly installed lighting solutions will integrate seamlessly with your décor, giving your home a perfectly captured glow no matter the time of day or night. From a single central location or mobile device, control the lighting in multiple zones of your home no matter where you are. There will be no more late-night stumbling through the dark or waking to harsh light. Our expert team will meet with you to decide the best Lutron lighting layout for your Windsor home, then we’ll create your plan. We handle everything from initial planning to installation, making things much easier on you. One of the best things about Lutron home control is that it’s scalable, allowing you to lay the groundwork of lighting and shading and then layer in security and audiovisual automation at a later date if you choose. Your system can be custom-tailored to suit your needs and use timers to adjust your lighting based on the time of day or whether or not your family is home. By incorporating with the security system, lights can be fitted with motion detectors to come on automatically when movement is detected around the perimeter of the home, or even when someone needs to walk down the hallway to the restroom.

At Lavish Automation, we make it our mission to make your life easier. Lutron is one of the many solutions we offer to our Windsor clients, along with home theater installation, sound systems, surveillance, automated locks, temperature control, and much more. Our showroom is located in Santa Rosa and we invite you to come see examples of our work. Call 707-433-9199 to make an appointment today.